Entrepreneurs as hands on timely decentralization

entrepreneurs are generally more or less some strong, more control, so many things like Pro pro. However, when appropriate, decentralization is also necessary. But for entrepreneurs, learn to decentralization is not a simple thing. Learn to know when to delegate, the following tips can help you:

1, you can complete this work when you sleep

If a piece of work you are hands tied to the back of the case can be easily completed in sleeping or, so this work for you without any challenge. You can’t improve your professional skills by doing this job. In this case, if you continue to do the job yourself, you’re wasting your time. At this time, you can authorize the work to employees to learn new skills. As for you, you should look for new challenges. read more

Zheng Keliang’s business

business has now become more and more people’s choice, and the fierce competition in the market, leading to the business of this market is not good, want to be successful, we must understand the business strategy. With the development of economy, consumer demand for commodities has diversified, the places of consumption and consumption environment are increasingly high requirements, as a retailer, in order to profit customers, increase the store’s popularity, wealth, must be based on market demand, to provide targeted services. read more

How the west brand good quality tree puffs

with the development trend of the dessert market is getting better and better, a variety of unique desserts have also entered into the modern life, puff is a very modern consumers welcome a dessert delicacy, with a high in the current market in the sale of popular. Puff with its exquisite creative style, with its delicate taste, in the market very good occupy a space for one person. A puff puff tree is now the west brand market is very famous, joining the West tree puff shop, easy to worry.

as of today the most popular puff project, how the West tree puffs? Has a significant product characteristics and brand advantages, for many years to become the industry’s leading brands. Many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the West tree puff market prospects, have chosen to join the shop. West tree puff join conditions are not harsh, a few simple steps of your wealth career achievement. read more

Zhengzhou more than 30 thousand tickets issued more than and 500 free tickets to the hot springs whe

red is that everyone wants to get, the Zhengzhou international tourism city mayors forum held above the big red envelopes sent to distribute, is quite amazing, you do not know yet? Here we take a look at what specific red envelopes!

reporter learned yesterday from the provincial government news conference, 99 foreign tourist city mayor or mayor on behalf of the mayor of the domestic tourism city will get together to participate in Zhengzhou 31.

Forum: more than 30 thousand scenic benefits a lot of free tickets, more than and 500 tickets spa packages as prizes, travel product line low discount…… read more

What are the successful experience of opening a cake shop

The development of the

era is different, people’s preferences for a variety of snacks will be different. But in the current era, all kinds of pastry cake has a very high popularity. In short, with the accelerated pace of social development and the improvement of people’s quality of life, & cake by more and more consumers with the characteristics of convenient, nutritious and delicious, fashion. According to the China baking food industry association responsible person, the past two years, China cake pastry market is developing rapidly, supermarkets, community, the station appeared different brands, different grades of Cake Bakery, Beijing alone has more than 1 thousand and 500, annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan, the average annual growth rate of nearly 10%. read more

What are the factors that should be considered when opening a children’s toy store

most modern families have a family of six children, so everyone is to meet the needs of their children, do not stop for the children to acquire all sorts of novel my words, infinite toy market potential, children toys shop profit unlimited.

in baby products, toys variety, and the children love toys Xixinyanjiu, so the demand is very large. In particular, toys as a child’s best gift is also favored by many people. Thus, the opening of a toy franchise chain is a very promising market. Investors in the choice of children’s toys brand must be especially careful, investors in the process of opening the chain of children’s toys to consider the following factors: read more

A two week mouth hung motto no two hundred million don’t want is bullshit

      Zhou Hongyi’s views on entrepreneurship is also quite unique, is included as follows:

      "there is so much money (two hundred million) you don’t think this thing is


      it’s often said that you don’t have so much money. I say this shit, I said I have no money to record industry, I also had the luxury industry, so no money can’t do that, I think they are guilty, if they come to the competition, my point is that no money is certainly not, like you today even myself can not live, I think work or play, also exercise experience. But if you have some money, I really feel that 20 of all of the practice of the law, the practice of the sum of all of the 2 million, the number of 2000 of the total number of 20 million, but the two hundred million will not succeed in 200 thousand. read more

SAC clear online shopping system users pay a compensation claim is not a platform to advance

Original title:

online shopping platform claims not to advance

news online shopping future consumer interests, if the store does not pay without undue delay, consumers can claim to the trading platform in advance.

yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued to improve the consumer aspects of the operators and ask the first pay a compensation system for the first time the views of operators to establish "asking system" and "pay a compensation system in consumption". In other words, who is responsible for the sale of goods, who is responsible for providing services". If sellers or service providers deliberately delayed treatment, unreasonable refusal to pay the resulting consumer can not get compensation, the mall, the market and the online shopping platform operators to pay the first payment. read more

Daily topic WeChat blocked fast red share taxi software battle upgrade

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 5th news, the end of November to reflect a user can WeChat had to share the fast red taxi is the official WeChat shield, causing the user can not participate in activities.

then a quick taxi had been blocked WeChat event said in a statement, the legitimate interests of the Tencent WeChat blocked fast red taxi sharing environment of fair competition on the market and the user’s harm, a serious violation of the relevant provisions of the "anti-monopoly law" in, and called for Tencent to fulfill the commitment to open, let the market return fair competition. read more

The affair website was hacked by many users in the follow up

remember some time ago on site Ashley Madison is black news? The about 30000000 user data it leaked to the Internet, some people are arranged on the relevant data and before, found this site is simply a male gay dating site, female users are not many.

now, a software company in Spain Tecniló GICA; and to organize these data into a data map, published online, 50000 points on the map were leaked data about 30000000 Ashley Madison users, you can click here to check.

we can see from the map of Europe, America and East Asia, South Korea, Japan is the site of heavy users, and Chinese (mainly concentrated in the eastern coastal area Chinese, other places are also distributed), India and South Africa and other countries are also on the map shining, it is worth noting that Russia does not seem to use the site many people, at least not to mark on the map extent. read more

Share the operation experience and promotion plan of University Online Network

The new trend of the

network, now various forums and e-commerce systems everywhere, as long as you search on goole about shopping, to ensure the search results to be, however in many websites, forums, e-commerce system similar to Taobao in a country? Now share, University Online nets practice experience the website now though, but as long as you’re doing is fine enough, the development prospect is considerable! The first is to consider the market positioning, what do you want, for which groups, groups of consumption ability and so on, such as online university network action system (mode) is extended to different university, University online network is facing major colleges and universities in Guangdong for teachers and students, students and teachers need to provide information integration, entertainment, communication, B2C (similar to Taobao) shopping system, University The network has the characteristics of fast browsing speed, clear market positioning and personalized service read more

Front Philippine composite scandal Economics Entertainment ST reorganization

I dark horse: love, love peeping privacy scandals and the combination of the two, if accompanied by emotional guidance will be transformed into positive by Gossip Gossip economics, in order to complete the two no longer be optimistic about the ST shares reorganization, make profit maximization of their. Feng Han love can be seen as a good case of brand restructuring.

"I don’t know, I don’t know what to tell you." Received phone calls from reporters, Xie Xian and Nicholas Tse have all rejected huomenxi agent interview, "this is a private matter, you want to verify what." And quickly hung up the phone. read more

Website promotion practical tips

In fact, the

website promotion so several, in each website or forum is said the abuse, website optimization, through Links, soft, blog forum articles, Baidu know answer questions and other methods to increase the chain, increase weight. But many webmasters do it but can not start, because they say the space, there is no specific practice. Below I will introduce a little skill, is actually very simple, no matter do stand just a week or a few years, every day there are through the search engine to access it, we will through the analysis of key words, increase the relevance of information, to bring more PV and improve the ranking. read more

The official WeChat public illegal title of the so called rumors

The official WeChat

public illegal title of the so-called rumors, rumors about the title, this problem we have half a month’s time sounds is a sensitive topic, we found that a large number of them was because of false rumors, so for us, we want to determine if this is the rumor it is the key for us is very troublesome, because we don’t know what could we update many rumors, the content of which is specific to you about the rumors, then we may be able to say a few people.

so what are rumors, read more

SB reading four iron Wangzhuan novice

Do Wangzhuan

for a long time, will meet many new people for belt, seeking methods for project. In this process, a lot of new people because of the lack of understanding of the Internet circle and everywhere to avoid, or even become a blog in the eyes of SB, although I was also a member of the SB, but I do not think they are so SB.

today I explain to you the basic understanding of the new people, so that we bid farewell to the ranks of SB. It is not only in the higher circle, also applies in the webmaster circle. read more

People’s Daily Technology Review search engine needs a fair

for ordinary Internet users, the introduction of the application of Baidu open platform, but perhaps it is to increase the demand for a search channel. But on the Internet Ecosystem and the concept of open, fair and just about the worries are not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

The 2010 Annual Conference of Baidu technology

on September 2nd, Baidu launched for ordinary users needs an open application platform, a preliminary version of Box Computing "concept is Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li proposed" a year ago. However, when Baidu expects this platform to promote more Internet applications and Internet users to achieve high quality docking, to achieve the search that is, some of the concerns also appear. read more

The order has been canceled without reason suspected of illegal fund raising network serves


luxury B2C network serves Beijing Railway Station years after the big layoffs transfer in Shenzhen

days ago, Chinese Consumers Association released the 2011 national association organization to receive complaints analysis report pointed out that last year the National Association Organization accepting Internet sales service complaints 30355, an increase of 43.3%, an increase of complaints in the first place. It is reported that online shopping complaints are mainly concentrated in the order, delivery speed, no reason to cancel the problem, the quality of goods orders in conformity with the physical service, customer service is not timely, invoices and other issues, which in the first row is the customer order reason is the website unilaterally cancel. read more

National buy site closed 2859 cumulative mortality rate of up to 48%

[introduction] data show that as of the end of June 2012, the group purchase website cumulative birth up to 6069 of the total number, total shut down 2859, the mortality rate of 48%, operating in 3210, has dropped to about 3200 by the end of 2010.


technology news (Le Tian) August 14th news, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center report released today pointed out that the first half of 2012, the number of China group purchase website steadily from 3909, reduced the "operation at the beginning of the group purchase by the end of June net decrease of 3210, while the number of employees and average salary of group purchase is also reduced. This phenomenon is the inevitable development of the industry. read more

Common Forum promotion service website

, in a forum to promote service website commonly promote your forum in two, commonly used search engine registration this site implementation (in the case of Baidu): enter the Baidu home page (www.baidu.com), click the "log", after entering the page, enter the forum site, fill in the corresponding verification code can be. This may be Baidu search engine included. It is worth noting that such promotion is free for individual users!! To achieve the most economic promotion way) as other search engines, such as 3721, YAHOO search engine, Sina search engine, search engine Sohu, YAHOO (cn.yahoo.com), Sogou (www.sogou.com) and so on, may not the same, or some search engines for other ways. I believe everyone’s creativity and practical ability is very strong, and encourage you to actively promote the exchange of experience, and actively participate in the promotion of the forum. Three, to each big website chat room promotion forum hot topic you speak such as NetEase, Sina, Tom and other portals of the chat room, if you can not post web site, please. Disconnect them, someone will see your posts. Four, access to a large amount of popular forum post pull popularity for example: mop.com (http://s.www.mop.com) PCPOP (http://s.pop.pcpop.com/default.asp) in a complete mess (http://s.www.ytht.net/) creepy leisure Forum (http://s.bbs.cc418.com) in major colleges and universities on the altar. These places, popular, and the above people, like the forum. In these places to do their own signature, in the post, or reply to the post, appropriate to bring their own forum of small links, small ads. This will give you a lot of popularity forum. Attachment: the most popular online forum on the coolest 50 ranking read more

Treasure net enabled tens of millions of domain name zhen com was 60 million financing

renamed China (eName.cn) following the May 26th hearing, serves network (xiu.com) has recently received $30 million financing, and have a need to fight a single domain zhen.com enabled on-line luxury "treasures" also announced the acquisition of 60 million yuan A round of financing, it is said that the domain name value of 10 million yuan.

figure: Treasures nets

domestic luxury site was founded after the treasures of the network by the original Xueersi founder Cao Yundong left in 2011 and then, the original name for "treasures" Larry zhenpin.com. To obtain financing in the near future, the website has enabled a new domain name zhen.com to replace the original Larry domain, click the domain name will appear at present to celebrate the treasures of the network enabled qianwanji domain zhen.com and the brand name fully upgraded! ". read more