A courts rejection of the latest bid to legalise

first_imgA court’s rejection of the latest bid to legalise assisted suicide shows that a group of disabled activists, and the medical profession, are now leading the opposition to a change in the law, according to a disabled peer.Noel Conway, who is terminally-ill with motor neurone disease, wanted the high court to find that the Suicide Act – which makes it illegal to assist someone to take their own life – was incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.But three high court judges found against Conway, although he is now seeking permission to take his case to the court of appeal.The disabled people’s campaign group, Not Dead Yet UK (NDY UK), had intervened in the court case – the first time it had taken such a step – with its evidence including a witness statement submitted by the disabled crossbench peer Baroness [Jane] Campbell (pictured).In her statement, she had told the court that a ruling in favour of Conway would “damage beyond repair the way in which society views the elderly, sick and disabled to the point where the Equality Act itself and the protection which it provides becomes fundamentally defective”.Her statement added: “I (and the hundreds of disabled and terminally ill members of NDY UK), want people to understand that it is perfectly possible to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life whilst living with a substantial, progressive condition.”She had told the court that continuing cuts to health and care services would mean that disabled and terminally-ill people “may become more inclined towards considering desperate options such as assisted suicide” if it was legalised.NDY UK’s barrister, Catherine Casserley, who was acting pro bono, said after the ruling that it was “significant” that Baroness Campbell’s statement, and the contribution by NDY UK, were recognised in the high court’s judgment.Casserley told NDY UK: “This is significant because the other interveners are not mentioned, and it puts you on the map as having made a valuable contribution on the subject which will be useful for future cases.”NDY UK points out that there is no organisation run by or for disabled and terminally-ill people that supports the legalisation of assisted suicide, while the medical profession, including the British Medical Association, the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Association for Palliative Medicine, also opposes a change in the law.Among those supporting Conway are the organisations Dignity in Dying (DiD), formerly known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, and Humanists UK.Baroness Campbell told Disability News Service yesterday (Wednesday): “I think this entire outcome confirms that NDY UK, along with the majority of the medical profession, are now the foremost opposition to DiD.“We are more resilient than ever and this legal judgement proves we are improving our resistance capabilities all the time.“This is not funded by money; we haven’t any. We are fuelled by our supporters’ generosity of spirit, passion and commitment to resist this assisted suicide campaign, which threatens our lives and our right to equal treatment as non-disabled people under the law.”NDY UK believes that Conway and his supporters are attempting to “override” the decision of the House of Commons, which voted against legalisation of assisted suicide two years ago.Juliet Marlow, a spokeswoman for NDY UK, said: “We welcome the decision by the high court to reject this attempt to treat terminally-ill and disabled people differently by removing vital legal protections.“We are looking forward to the national conversation now focussing on the real issue here, which is a lack of adequate social care being provided to people with disabilities.“Similarly, we need a proper discussion on ensuring adequate palliative care is provided for the terminally-ill.”Conway said he was “deeply disappointed” by the high court’s decision.He said: “This decision denies me a real say over how and when I will die.“I am told the only option I currently have is to effectively suffocate to death by choosing to remove my ventilator, which I am now dependent on to breathe for up to 22 hours a day.“There is no way of knowing how long it would take me to die if I did this, or whether my suffering could be fully relieved. To me, this is not choice – this is cruelty.”The retired college lecturer added: “Knowing I had the option of a safe, peaceful assisted death at a time of my choosing would allow me to face my final months without the fear and anxiety that currently plagues me and my loved ones.“It would allow me to live the rest of my life on my own terms, knowing I was in control rather than at the mercy of a cruel illness.”But Phil Friend, a co-founder of NDY UK, said: “A change in the law is a terrifying prospect to the vast majority of disabled and terminally-ill people who work hard towards achieving equality for all.“Until we have reached that objective, assisted suicide will remain a dangerous and prejudiced option, likely to increase suffering and distress.”And actor and fellow NDY UK supporter Liz Carr added: “Disabled and terminally-ill people want support to live – not to die.“As a long-standing supporter of Not Dead Yet UK, I am keen to take an active role in making that happen.”last_img read more

What had to go wrong for Muni boss Ed Reiskin to lose

first_imgTransit agency head’s departure comes following video of woman dragged by train, revelations of defective vehicles, daylong Muni meltdown — and so much more Embattled Muni boss Ed Reiskin today announced he will step down after eight-odd years at the helm, following his contract’s expiration in August. Mayor London Breed, who had grown openly critical of Reiskin as Muni’s performance increasingly resembled a disaster-movie montage, simultaneously released a letter to the transit agency’s board, marking the commencement of a national search for Reiskin’s replacement — and announced an early afternoon press conference doing the same. So, the only way this could’ve been more choreographed is if there was a song-and-dance number to go along with it. Who knows: Perhaps at today’s press conference, there will be. Email Address Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Reiskin’s announcement was met with virtual gasps on the internet. But it shouldn’t have been. All of these things happened just last week, culminating in rail service being knocked out for 10 hours on Friday.   This is, rather literally, no way to run a railroad. As such, crass attempts to circumvent the rules by ride-share companies or VC-backed scooter outfits — which are often one and the same — were given undue credence because San Francisco’s public transit system has grown so unpleasant and unreliable.  Muni has had such an awful run that many of you may have forgotten about last year’s service meltdown. Well, Mayor Breed hasn’t. In a nutshell, while our transit service diligently publicized the closure of the Twin Peaks Tunnel for necessary upgrades, it failed to publicize that it would backfill service affected by the tunnel’s closure by secretly syphoning buses and drivers off of other lines — some of Muni’s busiest lines, in fact. Statistics obtained by Mission Local reveal this resulted in de facto service cuts of 33 percent or more on some of the city’s most critical and crowded bus lines. These lines were often miles from the Twin Peaks Tunnel, and riders were blindsided. Sans an explanation, they were left to grind their teeth, grumble “Muni sucks,” and hop on a scooter or summon an Uber. It really is incredibly cynical and damaging to not only shield yourself via Muni’s evil reputation but to reinforce and enhance it.   But wait! There’s more! In an astoundingly cavalier move, Muni failed to inform the mayor’s office that it planned to do this, leaving Mayor Mark Farrell and, subsequently, Mayor Breed, flat-footed. You’d think, in a normal city, this combination of presumptuousness, insubordination, and callousness would lead to a mass of gratuitous dismissals.Data obtained by Mission Local revealed a tremendous spike in missed service hours following last summer’s closure of the Twin Peaks Tunnel. While this move was planned by Muni, it was not publicized.But this is not a normal city. Former Muni transit head John Haley was shown the door not for this, nor other questionable moves, but after a female underling filed suit, claiming he discriminated against her and put his hands on her. And Reiskin, his boss, was not eased out until a week of gruesome and public Muni miscues that grew in intensity like the closing stanza of a fireworks show.  To wit, in just the last week and change: A second woman sued Haley and the agency; reports surfaced that Muni’s costly new custom-designed train fleet of the future came with bum doors (and video surfaced of a woman being dragged); a story broke that the agency is rushing potentially unqualified drivers into those trains; it came to light that braking issues cause the Siemens trains’ wheels to flatten, knocking many of them out of service prematurely; and service went into the toilet because Muni was relying on drivers working on their off-days to fill routes and they refused.  And then an electrical failure knocked out service in the Metro Tunnel for 10 hours on Friday, resulting in transit scenes of the sort you’d expect in a city where rebel armies are dropping barrel bombs from helicopters. People seemed way more upset about this infrastructure failure than the system being intentionally kneecapped by Muni management — as did Mayor Breed — but, as the ballplayers say, it is what it is. All of this took place, incidentally, after Reiskin pledged to show Mayor Breed that things were on the up and up after she wrote him a sharply worded letter in August.So, that’s what had to happen for Ed Reiskin to lose his job; he got more chances than Steve Howe. But it wasn’t all bad. Muni did obtain billions of dollars worth of new vehicles. But even this came with caveats. Its new green hybrid buses were bought in 2013 via a bizarre handshake deal with the manufacturer in which the city’s unknowing Board of Supervisors was made to vote to fund the purchase of a fleet of vehicles they had no idea was already paid for and, in fact, sitting across the bay in an Alameda warehouse. What’s more, the deal conveniently undermined Muni’s own internal study on which manner of hybrid engine to invest in, tossing business to an ostensibly favored vendor. And, as noted above, the billion-and-change spent on the new Siemens rail cars has, in too many ways, been a drag.These are troubled times for Muni. Photo by Joe Eskenazi.How did Reiskin hold on so long? Well, for one thing, the city would have been on the hook for a six-month severance payout if he left before the termination of his contract. That’s in the ballpark of $150,000 — which is a lot of money but is also around one-tenth what this city spends on toilet paper every year. Breed, who is running virtually unopposed for re-election in November, had not previously moved to dismiss any department heads (former health department boss Barbara Garcia, who was accused of steering contracts to her wife, voluntarily stepped down). The mayor is keeping an even hand on the city’s tiller up to this winter’s election. But following Muni’s recent theatrical failures, something had to give. And, with the search for Reiskin’s successor under way as of this afternoon, an interesting dynamic will play out. Even among progressive politicos who, like many in this city, were critical of Muni’s ongoing slump, Reiskin’s antipathy to Uber and Lyft and move-fast-break-things scooter companies was seen as a big plus. It evinced the opposite reaction from Mayor Breed, however. And now Reiskin is on his way out. Through it all, and through his eight-odd years atop Muni, he never appeared anything less than caring, decent, hard-working, and committed. Reiskin’s predecessor, Nat Ford, purportedly issued a verbal directive informing Muni staff not to speak to him unless spoken to. Reiskin didn’t do this. He biked around town and chatted on a one-to-one basis with Muni’s front-line employees and daily users. Despite Reiskin’s gaudy salary, he wore notoriously ill-fitting second-hand suits. He was approachable. He was well-liked. Everyone thought he was a nice guy and, more than that, a good guy. But, for all that, it’s tough to say Muni is performing better now than it did under Ford. And Reiskin wasn’t a transit specialist. The transit specialists in his staff appear to have taken liberties a more expert boss may have noticed and not countenanced. So, Muni is off the rails. It remains to be seen who, if anyone, can put it back on track. last_img read more

A HOST of first team stars will take to the field

first_imgA HOST of first team stars will take to the field this Friday when Saints take on Oldham Roughyeds at Whitebank Stadium.Ade Gardner, Josh Perry, Chris Flannery, Shaun Magennis and Nathan Ashe will join the likes of Carl Forster, Scott Hale, Danny Jones, Josh Jones, Jordan Hand and Oldhamer Joe Greenwood in the friendly.Greenwood, 18, signed from Saddleworth Rangers and is a prop forward. He trained with the first team squad in 2011 and was ‘18th’ man on a number of occasions so will be relishing his chance against his hometown club.The rest of the squad will be made up of players who train with the first team squad and Academy starlets.Admission prices are £10 adults, £8 concessions and £2 under 16s with a £2 transfer charge to the seats which will be sold on a first come first served basis.The game will kick off at 8pm.last_img read more

SAINTS have announced their squad for Saturdays S

first_imgSAINTS have announced their squad for Saturday’s Stobart Super League Round Seven trip to Bradford Bulls.Sia Soliola, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, James Roby and Ade Gardner miss out through injury but there are welcome returns for Mark Flanagan and Tommy Makinson.Shaun Magennis and Nathan Ashe are also named.The squad is:1. Paul Wellens, 3. Michael Shenton, 5. Francis Meli, 6. Lance Hohaia, 7. Jonny Lomax, 8. Josh Perry, 11. Tony Puletua, 12. Jon Wilkin, 13. Chris Flannery, 14. Anthony Laffranchi, 15. Mark Flanagan, 16. Paul Clough, 17. Gary Wheeler, 18. Shaun Magennis, 19. Andrew Dixon, 20. Lee Gaskell, 21. Tom Makinson, 22. Jamie Foster, 24. Nathan Ashe.Bradford Coach Mick Potter, will choose from:1. Brett Kearney, 2. Adrian Purtell, 3. Keith Lulia, 4. Chev Walker, 6. Ben Jeffries, 9. Heath L’Estrange, 11. Oliver Elima, 12. Elliot Whitehead, 13. Jamie Langley, 14. Matt Diskin, 15. Bryn Hargreaves, 16. Manese Manuokafoa, 21. Tom Burgess, 24. Jason Crookes, 23. Danny Addy, 26. John Bateman, 28. Paul Sykes, 29. Michael Platt, 33. Karl Pryce.The game kicks off at 5.15pm and the referee is Richard Silverwood.Tickets are still on sale for the game and details are here.Stat Pack:Last 10 meetings:Bradford 14, St Helens 14 (SLR17, 12/6/11)St Helens 28, Bradford 16 (SLR7, 25/3/11)St Helens 60, Bradford 12 (SLR25, 13/8/10)Bradford 6, St Helens 38 (SLR2, 14/2/10)Bradford 18, St Helens 44 (SLR16, 21/6/09)St Helens 30, Bradford 34 (SLR10, 24/4/09)St Helens 58, Bradford 20 (SLR17, 13/6/08)Bradford 16, St Helens 22 (SLR3, 22/2/08)Bradford 14, St Helens 35 (CCSF, 28/7/07)(at Galpharm Stadium, Huddersfield)Bradford 10, St Helens 4 (SLR20, 13/7/07)Super League Summary:Bradford won 20 (includes wins in 1999, 2002 and 2005 play-offs)St Helens won 24 (includes wins in 1999 and 2002 Grand Finals & 1998 play-offs)1 drawUps and Downs:Bradford highest score: 64-24 (H, 2004) (Widest margin: 54-8, H, 2004)St Helens highest score: 66-4 (A, 2005) (also widest margin)last_img read more

LUKE Walsh Travis Burns and Jon Wilkin have all b

first_imgLUKE Walsh, Travis Burns and Jon Wilkin have all been named in Saints’ 19-man squad for Sunday’s First Utility Super League Round ten clash at Huddersfield Giants.Luke could make his first appearance of the season for the Champions following the leg break he sustained against Widnes last July – whilst Jon Wilkin has recovered from the hamstring problem that kept him out of the Easter fixture programme.Keiron Cunningham will select his 17 from:2. Tommy Makinson, 3. Jordan Turner, 5. Adam Swift, 6. Travis Burns, 7. Luke Walsh, 8. Mose Masoe, 9. James Roby, 10. Kyle Amor, 12. Jon Wilkin, 13. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 14. Alex Walmsley, 15. Mark Flanagan, 16. Lance Hohaia, 18. Luke Thompson, 19. Greg Richards, 22. Matty Dawson, 25. Andre Savelio, 28. Jack Ashworth, 29. Olly Davies.Paul Anderson will choose his Huddersfield side from:1. Scott Grix, 2. Jermaine McGillvary, 3. Leroy Cudjoe, 5. Aaron Murphy, 6. Danny Brough, 7. Luke Robinson, 8. Eorl Crabtree, 10. Craig Huby, 12. Jack Hughes, 13. Chris Bailey, 14. Michael Lawrence, 15. Craig Kopczak, 16. Kyle Wood, 17. Ukuma Ta’ai, 18. Jodie Broughton, 19. Anthony Mullally, 20. Jamie Ellis, 22. Jake Connor, 30. Jordan Cox.The game kicks off at 3pm and the referee will be James Child.For ticket details please click here.last_img read more

CALVIN Wellington and Regan Grace have been named

first_imgCALVIN Wellington and Regan Grace have been named in Wales’ 22-man squad for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers.Head coach John Kear has whittled his original train-on squad down from 29 to 22 players ahead of the qualifying matches against Serbia and Italy.Morgan Knowles had been initially selected but will have surgery in the off-season.Kear said: “It is an important period for Wales as we aim to make the World Cup next season.“We will be up against some challenges as Italy and Serbia are both strong sides who will boast some experienced players in their line-ups.“Our group of players is a very hard working one and there is always a good atmosphere in camp, so we are looking forward to getting back to work. We want to build on our achievements last year.”Wales’ full squad:Elliot Kear, Rhys Williams (London Broncos), Calvin Wellington, Regan Grace (St Helens), Christiaan Roets, Courtney Davies, Ian Newbury, Connor Farrer (South Wales Ironmen), Ollie Olds (Souths Logan Magpies), Gil Dudson, Lloyd White (Widnes Vikings), Craig Kopczak, Phil Joseph (Salford Red Devils), Rhodri Lloyd, Jake Emmitt (Swinton Lions), Lewis Reece, Steve Parry, Morgan Evans (Gloucestershire All Golds), Joe Burke (Oldham Roughyeds), Anthony Walker (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats), Andrew Gay (Mackay Cutters), Matty Fozard (Sheffield Eagles).last_img read more

Gov Cooper visits Brunswick New Hanover Pender

first_img They heard about his request to use state funds to investigate water quality but no vote happened.“Fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again,” says Brunswick County Commission chairman Frank Williams. Since Chemours stopped discharging Gen-X in June, fixing the contamination OF Gen-X in the Cape Fear River has hit a road block.Related Article: Was that ballot fraud in North Carolina US House race?“We need more scientists, we need more people working on permits, we need more inspection capacity,” says the Governor.This is also the Governor’s first trip after tasking lawmakers to give more than two and a half million dollars to the Department of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services to dig deeper on water quality statewide.“This department is going to work as hard as it can with the resources it has to do the job,” says Cooper.Gen-X levels have dropped nearly three-fold in Brunswick County since July tests.“I don’t care whose name is on the plan as long as the plan works for our citizens,” says the chairman.Local lawmakers are concerned the Governor’s plan will not work fast enough nor would it directly help those along the Cape Fear River. Senator Michael Lee moved to collaborate with utilities like CFPUA and UNCW professionals to address Gen-X. The Governor was not against that.“It’s important that we collaborate, protecting water is not a partisan issue and we need to work together,” Cooper says.That’s the same mindset local leaders have on keeping the water clean.“We just want to folks in Raleigh to know this is an important issue and it’s not one to be politicized,” says Williams.The DEQ released new test results today for Gen-X levels concluding that levels are continuing to drop. They also say the levels are well below public health risk amounts. 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gov. Roy Cooper will spend much of his day in southeastern North Carolina.For the third time now, the Governor is in the Cape Fear area to address the ongoing Gen-X contamination. He began his trip in northwest Brunswick County at the municipal water treatment plant.  The Governor’s tour comes after the Environmental Review Commission held an investigative hearing in Wilmington.- Advertisement – last_img read more

VIDEO Fire crews rescue dog stuck in storm drain

first_imgAround 6:30 Thursday night, a heavy rescue team with the WFD went to the area of Stratford Boulevard and Jennings Drive.A dog had gotten into the storm drain underneath a driveway and got stuck.- Advertisement – WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Not quite a cat in a tree, in this case it was a dog in a storm culvert that drew the attention of the Wilmington Fire Department. It has a very happy ending and the camera was rolling to see the rescue. Fire crews dug out enough debris and dirt from around the dog until he was able to free himself.The owners of the dog were there as well.Firefighters say the dog seemed to be ok and happy that he was out.last_img read more

Brunswick Boom Shallotte revitalization underway

first_img00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — For several years the Town of Shallotte has been working on revitalizing the area by bringing in new businesses, community facilities, and upgrades.“It’s a very well-known established brewery out of Atlanta,” developer, Barrett McMullan said. “And for them to choose our small town is a big deal for this area.”- Advertisement – Major projects are underway in Shallotte as the town continues to see growth. For starters, there is a new brewery called Red Hare Brewing opening in the spring.“What we hope is that it serves sort of the focal point,” McMullan said. “You know the energy source for downtown that allows us to, you know, build from there. You know, more business will come to town providing more jobs and more things to do for folks who are coming to Shallotte or really give people a reason to come to Shallotte.”Last year, the town opened Mulberry Park.“It’s been a tremendous success within town,” Shallotte Mayor, Walter Eccard said. It’s brought a lot of people into the park. We do our farmer’s market there, we do our concert and movie series there, we do festivals throughout the year. It’s been used from everything from family reunions to weddings and of course all the town events.”And this year, the Riverfront Development Project is finally underway. It will create a riverwalk that people have wanted for years. Work on the Riverfront should begin soon.“We have hired an architect planner for the riverwalk and expect the work to begin on it immediately,” Eccard said.Right now there is a lot of buzz in the Town of Shallotte. The main goal of it all is to create a desired destination.“Between the waterfront, the park, the brewery and other businesses on Main Street a venue that will attract tourists and visitors into our town and to stay,” Eccard said.Mayor Eccard said once the Riverfront Development Project breaks ground, he hopes to bring in a hotel, restaurants and multi-purpose buildings into the area.Eccard said it will take at least five years to complete the project.last_img read more

Volunteers raise money for art and music at area schools

first_imgRecent grant awards the Island Arts and Culture Alliance gave to the Carolina Beach Elementary School and Montessori School for their art and music departments. (Photo: Paul Boroznoff) CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Artists are helping little artists at Pleasure Island.The Island Arts and Culture Alliance is a group of volunteers who work to raise awareness of art and culture at Pleasure Island.- Advertisement – They presented Carolina Beach Elementary School with $1,000 for the music department to purchase 20 ukeleles Thursday.In addition, they also gave $750 to the Montessori Elementary School for art and print supplies and $500 for their music department’s budget.last_img read more

2 indicted in death of good Samaritan

first_imgLeft: Hakeem Sanders Right: Alan Pearson (Photo: NHSO/Contributed) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County grand jury has indicted two people in connection with the death of a good Samaritan earlier this year.District Attorney Ben David said the grand jury yesterday indicted Hakeem Sanders for second-degree murder in the death of Alan Pearson.- Advertisement – Back in March Pearson’s family removed him from life support two days after he was beaten after stepping into a domestic dispute at a Wilmington convenience store. Pearson’s brother says Pearson was talking to the woman, Alessia Davis, when Sanders attacked him.Alessia Davis (Photo: Wilmington Police Dept.)Sanders was originally charged with assault inflicting serious injury. His charges were upgraded to murder after Pearson died.David said the grand jury also indicted Davis for accessory after-the-fact and obstruction of justice. Police arrested Davis days after Pearson’s death. They said Davis lied to police and claimed she did not know Sanders, but in reality, they had a relationship.last_img read more

Profile of NITAUs New Board Chairman Dr F Tusubira

first_imgAdvertisement “He’s someone who is result-oriented. Of course we all saw what he did at DICTS. I believe he is the right person to take NITA to the next level.”“Hearing Dr. Tusu speak about ICT and his other passions, I certainly think he is a great choice for NITA. I can only expect alot of positives, especially for ICT in Education, in Uganda,” wrote Brian Ssennoga on I-Network forum.His Profile – Advertisement – Dr. Francis F. Tusubira holds a PhD (Southampton, UK), an M.Sc.E (New Brunswick, Canada), and a B.Sc. (Engineering) 1st Class Hons (Makerere University, Uganda). He is a Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, UK, and Chartered Engineer; a Fellow, Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (which he served as President); and a Registered Engineer (Uganda). He has key competence in ICT policy and regulation reinforced by continental level and international experience in policy analysis and formulation, capacity building, and research in the same sector. He practices at the local, regional and international level as a thinker, advocate and consultant in ICT for development.He is currently a Member of the Board and CEO of UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networking in Africa; a member of the Board of TENET, the research and education network of South Africa; a member of the Advisory Panel to the Research and Education Networking Unit of the Association of African Universities; a member of the Board of the Internet Educational Equal Access Foundation; and a member of the Board of the Global Development Learning Network.He worked for Makerere University from 1975 – 2007, with the key distinction of being the founding Director, Directorate for ICT Support, Makerere University (2001 – 2007). As Director DICTS, he spearheaded institutional ICT policy and master plan formulation, funding mobilisation, and implementation. Nationally, he is a member of the National Citizenship and Immigration Board, served two terms as a Commissioner (also a founding commissioner) of the Uganda Communications Commission (1998 – 2005), and one term as a founding member of the Uganda Electricity Regulatory Authority (2002 – 2005). At the continental level, he has been the first Director of the NetTel@Africa capacity building network (ICT policy and regulation), and is a member of the Research ICT Africa! team. He was a Component Lead for the Capacity Building component of the DFID/Sida funded CATIA initiative.He was born on 29th May 1952, and is married to Dorcas, with whom they have three children.last_img read more

Can Microsoft Fail

first_imgAdvertisement There is still nothing out there that can take Microsoft out of the game. Apple has the only other quality operating system out there, and it is proprietary and still more expensive. Money and cost are important.Linux may have a chance, but it is held back by all sorts of factors. I’ve been using Linux but still prefer Windows. The reasons are minor, except for the fact that Adobe refuses to put its Creative Suite on Linux, where it could probably perform faster.A Linux box, as it now stands, is good for light word processing, order entry, and Web surfing. It would be perfect in certain office environments. – Advertisement – The Linux OS also has a peculiar feel that is hard to explain but it never feels the way Windows and Macintosh feel. This is something that concerns me because I cannot put my finger on it. Others will say the same thing.The backstory: The programming language Forth that creates code gives me the same dubious feeling. I always get into trouble when I mention this, but since the 1980s, I’ve complained about it.It’s a specialty language that seems to be popular to this day among people who write code for control mechanisms. Every so often, a desktop application shows up coded in Forth and I generally spot it because of its muddy feel. There is no other way to describe it. It is very subtle but uncomfortable.Digital Research had one of the first PC-oriented GUIs called GEM that predated Windows. Microsoft is credited with destroying it in the market when Bill Gates personally went around telling people not to use it because Windows was going to be better, which it wasn’t, until years later. This didn’t matter, though. I used GEM and it was extremely muddy. Trying to use the unresponsive pointer was as frustrating as trying to control a helium balloon.The point is that Microsoft and Apple both got the feel right and have maintained that edge over everything else that has since come along.Before Microsoft ever fails in the marketplace, many things have to happen. Mainly, Microsoft has to shoot itself in the foot over and over, not just once or twice. It doesn’t tend to do this. It will botch a product such as Vista or Windows ME and come right back with a fixer like Windows 7 or Windows 2000.Losing ideas such as the Zune, Microsoft Bob, or its VCR had very minimal impact on the company. The failure list for Microsoft is a long one, but its cash cows have continued to pump profits out.It seems to me that companies such as Cisco or Google could produce a real standalone OS to unseat Windows, but that does not seem to be in the cards. Google, above all, has this capability based on how the company is structured.Then there is Adobe. It could have built a workstation around its Creative Suite, optimized to run the Adobe products on dedicated multi-core systems without the Windows or Mac middle men slowing things down. But no.So, we can all moan and groan about Microsoft and Ballmer, but unless someone steps up to the plate to challenge them in some real way, we may as well accept things the way they are. And to be honest, this stuff isn’t all that bad. It’s just overpriced.Source:PC MAGlast_img read more

And Now Twitter Wants To Run Video Ads Too

first_imgAdvertisement Twitter is in talks with NBC and Viacom to bring video content and advertising to the service, Bloomberg reports:Twitter … is racing to add video content that will get users to spend more time on the site and watch promotions. Building on its existing partnerships with Walt Disney Co. (DIS)’s ESPN, Weather Channel LLC and Turner Broadcasting System Inc. (TWX), Twitter is seeking to add more entertainment and news video, two people familiar with the plan said.The company would split ad revenue with the content providers. – Advertisement – The talks come after Twitter acquired Bluefin Labs, a social media analytics company that specializes in TV audiences.Credit: BusinessInsiderlast_img read more

Orange inks deal to provide solar lighting to Kenya Homes

first_imgAdvertisement Telecom company Orange Kenya has entered into an agreement with GreenLight Planet in order to provide solar lighting to Kenyan homes.The homes that are set to benefit are based in areas that have limited access to electricity.Orange Kenya is set to launch a product bundle that includes a mobile handset, which will be coupled with a Sun King solar lamp for a discounted price. This will allow Kenyans to charge and use their mobile phones without the need of a power source. – Advertisement – The solar lamps bundled with a mobile phone will cost KES 3,899 for the Sun King mobile, KES 4,699 for the Sun King Pro II and KES 8,799 for the Sun King Home.Stand-alone solar devices that are not bundled with Orange mobile devices will cost KES 2,900 for the Sun King Mobile, KES 3,700 for the Sun King Pro II and KES 7,800 for the Sun King Home.The Chief Executive Officer of Greenlight Planet Anish Thakkar said that access to adequate, clean lighting is now as fundamental as access to water and other essential amenities, as it enables parents to provide for their children by extending their working hours after dark, and children can do their homework without straining their eyes or harming their lungs with fumes from lanterns that utilize petroleum or solid fuels.Vincent Lobry, CEO, Orange Kenya, revealed that: “As mobile phones are fast becoming a necessity for most Kenyan households, access to reliable means of energy is imperative for communication, mobile banking and maintaining business interests.”Via itnewsafrica.comlast_img read more

IFTTT has open sourced some mobile app frameworks

first_imgAdvertisement IFTTT has open sourced five frameworks for mobile developers, which were used to build the company’s Do range of apps.IFTTT is a service that triggers “DO actions” between your favorite apps.There are a couple of keyframe-based animation frameworks for UIKit written in Objective-C and Swift, as well as a DSL in Ruby for easy caching and serialization. – Advertisement – In case you are building an app with photo features, you might find Fasttt Camera useful. This Objective-C framework makes it easy to allow users to snap pictures and apply filters.If you need to enable drawing and text input for images, Jot is the tool for the job.You can find all these and more on IFTTT’s GitHub profile.[Via]last_img read more

Standard Chartered Partners With Sanlam To Offer Insurance to its Clients

first_imgSanlam General Insurance Uganda’s CEO Mr. Gary Corbit and Standard Chartered Bank CEO Mr. Albert Saltson pose for a photo with a dummy insurace card during the launch of bancassurance products. Advertisement Standard Chartered Bank Uganda partners with Sanlam and launches Bancassurance products — to offer insurance service to its clients appealing them to purchase the right insurance cover and avoid being taken by surprise with unforeseen life events.The Bancassurance products the two institutions are offering are; Home Insurance, Motor Comprehensive, and Travel Insurance. According to the bank, the three are for the start as more products will be rolled out in due course — probably later this year.In his remarks, Standard Chartered Bank CEO Mr. Albert Saltson said, Bancassurance is a new distribution channel that must be embraced to boost the penetration of insurance which is still at a low of less than 1% in Uganda. – Advertisement – “These insurance products will take care of our clients’ insurance protection needs in addition to the banking solutions we’re already offering. The insurance benefits are designed to suit the lifestyles of our clients, guaranteeing them insurance packages that are reasonably priced, flexible and robust to meet their varied needs,” said Saltson.Mr. Gary Corbit; Sanlam CEO lauded the partnership saying it will further enhance uptake of insurance products in Uganda.“This partnership will largely provide our existing and potential customers an alternative channel to access a range of our tailored insurance solutions for their personal insurance needs while they go about their banking. And most important is that all these financial services will all be available under one roof,” said Corbit.Saltson concluded by lauding the Central Bank and Insurance Regulatory Authority for allowing banks to provide insurance services saying, “the move would increase competition and innovation in the sector.”The Bancassurance ProductsAs we previously mentioned, the products are grouped in three; Home Insurance, Motor Comprehensive, and Travel Insurance.1. Motor ComprehensiveThe bank claims this is the widest cover its clients can take. Other than cover for accidental damage to their vehicles, fire and theft, the product has substantial limits to cater for legal liability to third parties in case of injury, death or damage to property belonging to third parties.This product is customized for Standard Chartered Bank clients offering them additional benefits including;Car hire benefits of up to 24 days while their vehicles are being repaired.Insurance cover for forced ATM withdrawals in case of hijack or threat of violence.Free valuation services of vehicles, if necessary.Replacement of damaged or lost keys of vehicles.Alternative accommodation if they have an accident far from home.Cover for Personal effects lost in the car.Personal accident cover for the driver or car owner.2. Home InsuranceThis is a product designed to cover clients’ home or residential property with seven different sections that clients can choose from depending on their needs.The product covers residential properties against the risk of fire, impact damage by falling objects and, a variety of natural calamities such as wind, storm, and earthquake.Client that chooses to take out this insurance product will have the option to include the contents of their residential properties such as; furniture and electronics on the same policy including portable items like laptops, phones and jewellery.Other unique features of this product include;High limits of legal liability to third parties of up to UGX100M.A personal accident cover of up to UGX8M for the insured or a member of the insured family with a medical benefit of UGX2M in case of accidental injury.3. Travel InsuranceThis product backs up clients that travel out of the country for whatever purpose; be it business or leisure.The product is tailored to ensure that in the unlikely event that one becomes ill while traveling, the illness does’t put the insured in a situation of financial stress. It is a fact that health care is very expensive in some countries, so this travel insurance product will offer high limits of up to USD$500,000 (approx. UGX1.9 billion) in medical care.The product comes with;A personal accident benefit of up to USD$15,000 as well as Third party legal liability of up to USD$200,000 for instance in the event of damage to something of value belonging to a third party.Loss of baggage.International journey cancellation.In addition to medical expenses, the product will take care of a travel companion if required and the repatriation of children in case the insured person traveled with young children.last_img read more

SIMON NOTT BLOG Royal Ascot Saturday

first_imgSimon Nott is author of Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting RingCLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS SIMON NOTT reports from the betting ring at Royal Ascot on Saturday.Royal Ascot Day 5 (phew!)Ben takes counsel from Big Mac on the final day of Royal Ascot – starting with reflecting on the wins of Caravaggio and Winter and there’s not much sympathy from Mac! …Chesham StakesRain threatened as we got going betting on the opener. Ben was determined to get September in the book going as big as 13/8 and got accommodated by cash punters off the floor but there we no mega bets. The frustration of not being able to get the short one in turned to slight relief when she won. The firm still lost a nice few quid but it could have been so much worse.Wolferton Handicap StakesThe race was manic with hordes of winning punters all clamouring to collect their cash from the previous race, the £2.50 each way mob clogging things up and seemingly none of them with any change. Decision made, £5 each way minimum, after all this is Royal Ascot. Despite the melee we took a few quid and kept it when pony chance Snoano obliged and did the books a massive favour.Hardwicke StakesThe punters steamed into us for both Dartmouth and Wings Of Desire. One off course firm was active near the off taking all the 5/2 the former. As the stalls opened we had them both for thick four figures. Idaho was a good and very welcome winner for us on course.The Diamond Jubilee StakesMy old boss Jack Lynn famously once suggested a lady go forth an multiply to the tote or words to that effect when she called out a list of bets then plonked her bag on the hod searching for her purse and spilt her champagne into the readies. Of course being the Gentleman’s Bookmaker all our customers, however novice and refreshed they are, whatever their gender are treated with the utmost respect but at times betting on this heat you could see how he got grumpy with some punters – lucky Ricky and Ben have the patience of many saints.We did manage to lay a £10,000 – £5000 Limato which was very handy as we managed to get him beaten and clawed a bit more back after a lengthy stewards enquiry which didn’t help the betting in the penultimate.Wokingham StakesBusiness was very light, a combination of the pitch being clogged by people waiting for stewards to make their minds up before announcing the result stood and the nature of the race. Hideously hard.25/1 winner Out Do was a cracking result but thanks to the enquiry rewards were meagre, still it was nice to win and payouts were light so we could get cracking on the lucky last.Queen Alexandra StakesThe punters were keen to take up their last chance to bet at Royal Ascot this year. We let them bet what they wanted with just two bad losers in the book. Then the office called, they had laid a total of £28,000 each way US Army Ranger.10/1 winner Oriental Fox was one we ran into on course and US Army Ranger ran on to snatch 3rd which was a massive turn around for the office. Still that’s racing, see you all next year, the final word goes to Ben …last_img read more

STAR PREVIEW Barcelona v Spurs

first_imgPROFIT/LOSS SINCE JAN 1 2017: PROFIT 190.61 points(not including Premier League ante-post or cricket) Tottenham still have a chance of making it through to the Last 16 of the Champions League, although the task facing them on paper is the hardest in the group; Barcelona at the Nou Camp.However, they do travel from London with some chance at least and there are a few things in their favour. Barcelona are already through as Group B winners, meaning this game is a freeroll for the hosts. They are also involved in a big title race in Spain, with five points separating the top five teams at the time of writing, which could provide a welcome distraction.There are also plenty of injuries for them to deal with, as Malcolm injuring himself in the Copa del Rey on Wedensday, Sergi Roberto and Luis Suarez are out for the remainder of the year, Rafinha is set to miss the remainder of the season after a ligament injury and joining him on the bench is Samuel Umtiti, Arturo Vidal and Arthur. This all combines to expel what might, at first glance, be a generous looking price of 21/20 for the hosts.There is, of course, still a sizeable amount of talent for Ernesto Valverde to utilise and the spectre of Lionel Messi, who in his latest match scored a free-kick from 25 yards and assisted a goal through three defenders whilst being on the floor against Espanyol.Tottenham’s motivation levels will be at an all-time high, although it will be galling for Mauricio Pochettino that they are relying on a result here. Defeat at Inter was a bad start but dropping points against PSV, when they had 71% possession and won the shout count 24-11 plus had 9 shots on target compared to three for the hosts, could well the be the difference between them making it or not.Spurs have since beaten PSV and Inter at Wembley, when they deserved to win by more than one, and they have maintained their generally high standards with just one defeat in their last 6, the North London Derby at Arsenal.Barcelona v Tottenham HotspurUEFA Champions League Group Stage20:00 BT Sport 3 HDHEAD TO HEAD RECORD(Maximum 10 matches)OCT 2018 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Tottenham 2-4 BarcelonaAPR 1982 EURO CUP’ WINNERS CUP Barcelona 1-0 TottenhamAPR 1982 EURO CUP’ WINNERS CUP Tottenham 1-1 BarcelonaThe many variables make this game a difficult one to weigh up but Spurs feel too short to support and Barcelona have just enough question marks to avoid what would normally be a really tempting 21/20. One thing that does look rather likely to occur is plenty of goals – the reverse encounter was 4-2 and it is a miracle that Spurs’ matches have produced just 17 goals in the Group so far. A small bet for over 3.5 goals might be the way to play things.RECOMMENDED BETS (scale of 1-100 points)BACK OVER 3.5 GOALS 5 points at 23/20 with starsports.betlast_img read more