One murder 112 assaults allegedly by people out on bail this year

first_imgNEW FIGURES SHED light on the number and type of crimes carried out by people out on bail this year, and over the past 10 years.The figures, made public by TD Bernard Durkan through a parliamentary question, show that there was one murder allegedly carried out by a person on bail from January to June this year, down from 11 the previous year. In 2007, there was a high of 14 murders carried out by people on bail.The numbers also show a decrease so far this year in the number of assaults causing harm suspected to have been carried out by a person on bail, with 112 up to June 2013 and 379 last year.There were 10 people in 2013 found driving or in charge of a vehicle under the influence of drugs, while on bail. Meanwhile, 124 were found to be over the legal alcohol limit while driving.Last year, 11 people on bail were suspected of sexual assault, with six people being suspected of this crime up to June this year.There were 2,654 thefts from shops by people out on bail last year – this number stood at 1,429 from January up to June of this year.When it comes to drug offences, for the first half of this year 245 people out on bail were suspected of possession of drugs for sale or supply, with 458 being suspected of possessing drugs for personal use.In total, 10,397 people from January – June of this year have been accused of carrying out crimes while on bail. In 2012, the total figure for the entire year was 22,762.Read: Nine murders committed by people released on bail>last_img

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