The inside of an Amiibo card is hugely disappointing

first_imgThe gaming world is in a bit of a collecting frenzy at the moment, but the desirable physical products disappearing off store shelves are not actually games, they are figures. Amiibo figures to be precise. Nintendo’s profits have been bolstered significantly by sales of over 15 million Amiibo figures, and there isn’t any signs of this craze slowing down.Nintendo has decided Amiibo figures alone aren’t enough, though, and has decided to try and re-establish the glory days of high-profit Pokemon trading cards by introducing Amiibo cards. Their first outing is for the game Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, which uses the cards to unlock the ability to design homes for major characters in the universe not otherwise available.The Amiibo figures are highly collectible simply because of the character designs on offer. The cards, of which there are over a hundred, also have the potential to capture the attention of collectors and in so doing earn Nintendo a lot more cash. The cards sell in packs of 3 or 6 for around $9 for a pack of 6, or between $27-$50 for a collected set of 5 packs, which is 15 cards (please don’t pay $50 for 15 cards).Jenni Lada at Michibiku wrote up a review of the cards concluding that they are of a high quality, but there really isn’t much to them. When Lada ripped apart a duplicate card she had, all she found was a very tiny NFC chip embedded in the card as you can see above. There’s no magic here, no interesting inner-card design, just glue and a tiny chip. Considering Nintendo is charging well over a dollar per card when you break it down, you can see how profitable they are.If you do intend on collecting Amiibo cards, then some kind of storage box or binder is recommended. While sturdy, it won’t take long for the corners of a card to bend and start to come apart, at which point it will easily split in two revealing the embedded chip. The chip will continue to work of course, but the card will be ruined.last_img

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