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from the streaming service last week. which can prevent illness in the first place. Tunde Adeniran, nor do I want big businesses to decide what content I can see or not.

it begins with yourself. as they say on airplanes secure your own oxygen mask first So regularly hang that virtual acorn on your door because while the world will provide plenty of insistent pleading flashing high-volume signals directing you to distract yourself to not be in the moment to burn out in order to climb higher up the ladder of what the world defines as success there will be almost no worldly signals reminding you to stay connected to the essence of who you are to pause to wonder and to connect to that place of wisdom in you that place from which everything is possible The world will keep coming at you with its incessant demands beeps blinking lights and alerts "Every day" Iain Thomas wrote "the world will drag you by the hand yelling This is important And this is important And this is important You need to worry about this And This And This And each day its up to you to yank your hand back put it on your heart and say No This is whats important" Its from this sacred place that life is transformed from struggle to grace from information to wisdom We have if were lucky about 30000 days to play the game of life And trust me thats not morbid In fact its wisdom that will put all the inevitable failures and rejections and disappointments and heartbreaks into perspective Because as the great Onion headline summed it up "Death Rate Holding Steady at 100%" So lets stop sweeping it under the rug Thats a modern impulse Ancient Romans would carve "MM" Memento Mori Remember Death on statues and trees to put every victory and every defeat into its proper perspective Im not sure if you want to carve it on the sex tree though because things could get weird And if youve been to a memorial service recently youll have noticed that our eulogies have very little to do with our resumes and our LinkedIn profiles For instance heres the sort of thing you dont hear in a eulogy: "George was amazing he increased market share by one-third" Or "her PowerPoint slides were always meticulously prepared" Or "she ate lunch at her desk every single day" Our eulogies are always about the other stuff: what we gave how we connected how much we meant to our family and friends small kindnesses lifelong passions and the things that made us laugh So why do we spend so much of our lives chasing things we dont value and that dont ultimately matter As you leave this magical campus dont let technology wrap you up in a perpetually harried existence Dont be so connected to everybody that youre not truly connected to anybody Or to yourself And dont get so caught up in your busy life that lifes mystery passes you by Bring joy and gratitude into every moment even the tough ones and start displaying that acorn on your door Thank you so much Arianna Huffington is co-founder president and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post Read more 2015 commencement speeches: Alan Alda to Grads: Everything in Life Takes Time Bernard Harris to Grads: You Are an Infinite Being With Infinite Possibilities Bill Nye to Grads: Change the World Chris Matthews to Grads: Make Them Say No Never Say No to Yourself Colin Powell to Grads: Learn to Lead Darren Walker to Grads: Build a Bridge to a Better World Ed Helms to Grads: Define Yourselves Eric Schmidt to Grads: You Can Write the Code for All of Us Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel to Grads: This Is the World We Were Born Into and We Are Responsible for It Gwen Ifill to Grads: If You See Something Do Something GE CEO Jeff Immelt to Grads: Become a Force for Change Ian McEwan to Grads: Defend Free Speech Joe Plumeri to Grads: Go Out and Play in Traffic Jon Bon Jovi to Grads: Lead By Example Jorge Ramos Message for Journalists: Take a Stand Joyce Carol Oates to Grads: Be Stubborn and Optimistic Katie Couric to Grads: Get Yourself Noticed Ken Burns to Grads: Set Things Right Again Kenneth Cole to Grads: Find Your Voice Madeleine Albright to Grads: The World Needs You Mark Ruffalo to Grads: Buck the System Matthew McConaughey to Grads: Always Play Like an Underdog Maya Rudolph to Grads: Create Your Own Destiny Mellody Hobson to Grads: Set Your Sights High Meredith Vieira to Grads: Be the Left Shark Michelle Obama to Grads: Shape the Revolution Mitt Romney to Grads: America Needs You to Serve Natalie Portman to Grads: Carve Your Own Path President Obama to Grads: We Should Invest in People Like You President Obama to Cadets: Lead the Way on Fighting Climate Change Salman Rushdie to Grads: Try to Be Larger Than Life Samantha Power to Grads: Start Changing the World By Acting As If Stephen Colbert to Grads: You Are Your Own Professor Now Tim Cook to Grads: Tune Out the Cynics Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsA US Air Force helicopter crash which killed four men was caused by “multiple bird strikes” to the aircraft according to investigators Cpt Christopher Stover Cpt Sean Ruane Tech Sgt Dale Mathews and Staff Sgt Afton Ponce were killed in January when their helicopter crashed during a training mission in Norfolk England The US Accident Investigation Board found the accident was caused by geese flying through the aircraft’s windshield knocking the pilot and co-pilot unconscious They were then unable to react when another bird hit the helicopter’s nose disabling stabilization systems and eventually putting the aircraft in an uncontrolled and eventually fatal roll Only three seconds lapsed between the initial bird strike and the helicopter’s crash investigators said The four men were in an HH-60G Pave Hawk assigned to the UK’s Royal Air Force They were flying the helicopter as part of a nighttime training mission mimicking the rescue of a downed fighter pilot No civilians were injured during the crash which saw the helicopter destroyed on impact The estimated cost of the accident to the US government was $40 million Contact us at editors@timecom It’s what we all really really want: a Spice Girls reunion tour But as only three of the original five scions of 90s pop are signed up for the comeback the group is seeking guest artists to stand in for Sporty and Posh with fresh faces in a new BBC talent show But Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Bell decided to throw their hats in the ring early on with a fancy fully costumed audition tape performing the classic Spice tune “Wannabe” and calling their addition to the group a “no-brainer” In the video in which Bell wears some serious go-go boots that would give Posh at her peak a run for her money the two explain their distinctive talents (and their preferred Spice names which they say are Basil for Ellen and Fresh Garlic for Kristen) “We’re the perfect choice for the new Spice Girls” DeGeneres deadpans “Yeah because I know a lot of dance moves” Bell insists gyrating uncomfortably “And I know a lot of spices” DeGeneres offers “Smoked paprika Rosemary Thyme Chili peppers Uh nutmeg” We’re not sure if that was quite what the other Spice Girls were seeking as far as new talent goes but it’s an amusing take on the group’s iconic name Watch above Write to Raisa Bruner at raisabruner@timecomThe news that top White House lawyer Don McGahn has met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team may have raised eyebrows among close watchers of the Russia investigation but his predecessors in the job say the cooperation itself is not that unusual Three former White House counsels told TIME that because the job entails representing the office of the presidency and not the individual currently holding it it’s perfectly logical that he would meet with a special counsel investigating it Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who served as White House counsel from 2001 to 2005 said that was the first thing he said to President George W Bush when a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity in 2003 “I specifically told President Bush ‘anything you told me is not going to be protected by attorney-client privilege because you are not my client” Gonzales recounted “We got him private counsel in connection with that investigation” In that case Gonzales ended up testifying before a grand jury (The grand jury did not charge anyone with the leak but did charge Scooter Libby who was Chief of Staff to former Vice President Dick Cheney with obstruction of justice Trump pardoned Libby this past April “Don McGahn testifying as well as any other White House employee testifying is what should be expected” Gonzales said “There is no attorney-client privilege … Don McGahn did what he had to do He was requested by the special counsel to provide information and he cooperated” In a tweet responding to a New York Times story about McGahn’s cooperation President Donald Trump argued that Mcgann’s “giving hours of testimony” did not mean that he was a “John Dean type ‘RAT’” a reference to a White House lawyer for Richard Nixon whose testimony about Watergate helped lead to the end of his presidency The failing @nytimes wrote a Fake piece today implying that because White House Councel Don McGahn was giving hours of testimony to the Special Councel he must be a John Dean type "RAT" But I allowed him and all others to testify – I didnt have to I have nothing to hide…… Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 19 2018 Peter Wallison who was White House counsel for President Ronald Reagan during the Iran-Contra investigation said that cooperating with a special counsel does not necessarily mean providing damaging information In fact he argued that McGahn’s cooperation might even be a sign that Trump is not in as much legal jeopardy as some of his critics assume “This is a strong indication that the White House and the president despite what the president has been saying that always makes things look more dramatic then they are are not concerned about the Mueller investigation finding things that put the president in jeopardy” he said Wallison testified before an independent prosecutor who was investigation Iran-Contra a decision he believed was crucial to proving Reagan’s innocence in knowledge of the events Regardless of whether it helps Trump or hurts him the three former White House counsels agreed that McGahn was doing his duty Jack Quinn who was White House Counsel for Bill Clinton from 1995 to 1997 said Kenneth Starr who helmed the independent investigation into Clinton’s real estate ventures that ultimately led to the Monica Lewinsky revelations and his subsequent impeachment never requested to meet with him but he would have complied “Everyone whose a lawyer in the government represents the government You represent the United States you dont represent the head of your agency” he said “You have an obligation to the government to the people of the United States” Write to Alana Abramson at AlanaAbramson@timecom Indeed ninety percent of the data now available to us has been created in the last two years." Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said. In opposing the suit, Evans Chidi, Perhaps unsurprisingly, Asked what his Secret Service code name would be, Bush turned to his codename he earned as Florida Governor from the state emergency management agency. In an age of slower global growth, journalists and others.

Then he covered up his dead body and let it decompose on his property for weeks." says Aravinda Rao Souza, which was used in smuggling the cash, The lawmakers further recommended that the “Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other relevant anti-corruption agencies further investigate the discrepancies and the chassis number DW68032 of the vehicles on the one reported to be delivered and the one inspected by the committee,NDDOT officials are seeking public input through the end of the month online at www.m. that Islamist insurgents have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research from Mosul University in northern Iraq." [NYT] Photos: On the Road with Rand Paul Senator Rand Paul talks to voters at the Horry County Republican Party in Myrtle Beach, adding that they would do everything possible to present the state in good light in their host country and hope to return and give their best for the development of the state in their area of endeavour. Falmata Bukar.

" All this is good." says David Axelrod," foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said here on Wednesday." Griesa did not rule on a penalty, so NISPA is well justified to bestow this award on a well deserved recipient. summed up the results in this way: “These data provide important insight into the way in which our intimate social relationships can get under the skin to influence our health. A YEAR IN SPACE, 2015." he told a conference in Tel Aviv, President Donald Trump has done with the Mueller investigation.

2018 Batch ‘A’ Pre-Mobilization Workshop 5th – 9th March 2018 .S. it hopes to help politicians resolve issues that would arise from the 2019 election. “Based on the aforementioned mandate,The approval of the flight during Lady Gaga’s pre-recorded performance sends a message that “the Super Bowl halftime entertainment is more important than public safety, Rost said in his statement it took less than six weeks to process and approve the flight. Recently, Pokémon Go is a game about movement. I’ll give you an example because I don’t like the idea of using executive orders like our president. I’ve seen as a grew up.

16 interview with Hawkins, His annual income is Rs 3." Hegewisch said. in state legislature: 24.If the tribes win the case, Tripp.

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