Three motives for blogging

since August 04 began to write blog, has been nearly three years. After countless night writing, finally slightly have some fame, and also often encounter such a problem: "why do you blog?"

yeah, why blog? The beginning is indeed a powerful and unconstrained style, write unconscious. However, the persistence of any thing is no longer unconscious, even if it is indeed the starting point of the unconscious. So what is the motivation of my blog? Thin want to come, should be nothing more than the following three aspects: read more

Release Witkey task do promotion skills in Q & a platform to share

with the introduction of Witkey, China appeared, Chinese, etc. Chinese Witkey task Witkey website, because of Witkey websites have the advantage of talent resources, we need to do what at first thought would be to Witkey website release up to find someone to do tasks, including now platform promotion ask many webmasters will do choose to publish tasks in Witkey website, a powerful help complete witkey.

recently it also pays attention to the cashback Witkey website, so want to publish some inquiry platform promotion website task in Witkey website, because just contact Witkey website, rules and procedures on the inside also do not understand, then to find some other people’s tasks under reference, but found a problem in some browsing when the task has been completed, many articles address page open question has expired. Pictured: read more

Lao Xie write soft Wen is not very difficult

Xie often hear students say, how much is difficult to write, just write about products, and then add a link, it is very soft food. As long as it has been done under the next point, slowly learning, you can also write soft wen. If you do not understand, can be one to one training. Lao Xie Q number is 466715240.

write the first step of soft Wen: first write articles.

as the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." This is especially true for writing articles, especially for me. When I was in high school, my friends and I liked modern poetry very much. We often had a problem and wrote a song in less than five minutes. Although those poems now may not be inflamed, but then never appear don’t start trouble. After graduation, because nobody asked, plus oneself also is very lazy, the article is not often wrote, occasionally saving a result, sent to the QQ, but also a few words. Write more, your language is very good. read more

Analysis of marketing ideas from big data

2013 big data has become a matter of interest, but this concept for many people is a vague concept. For enterprises, the analysis of large data is mainly to find the idea of marketing. Before we only palletisers website, research on data has been sometimes no matter, in general is not enough attention. After realizing that the importance of big data on marketing efforts to increase the data analysis. How to analyze marketing from big data, please listen to me slowly.

data analysis of the marketing work is the best reflection of the effect of marketing work, so the need for in-depth understanding of the issues reflected in the data. In the analysis of the choice of stacking machine marketing data, I mainly from the following analysis. In my opinion, the analysis of such data is also true from the perspective of the user experience marketing analysis, this idea is just in line with the idea of marketing focus on user experience. read more

P2P insurance startups Friendsurance 15 million round of financing B port investment led investment

Germany’s Friendsurance recently announced the completion of the B round of financing, access to $15 million, led by Li Jiacheng’s investment in Victoria Harbor, Victoria port investment is also involved in the previous 2014 financing.

Friendsurance insurance products are based on the P2P community form, customers can recover some of the premium, insurance policy is no longer held by the insurance company. In the traditional insurance institutions, large insurance companies hold the majority of users of the insurance policy, and Friendsurance proposed the concept of zero claims claims-free (bonus). Friendsurance they will be divided into different groups according to the customer need the type of insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, personal insurance and insurable insurance litigation group. Members of the same community members all entered the pool of funds, of which about 60% of the funds used to pay insurance premiums, and another 40% to recover funds". read more

Website promotion teach you how to tap potential keywords

SEO, the choice of keywords is especially important, of course, there is also a contradiction, choose too popular keywords, row in front of the whole is the master, how do you get to choose the key words ah, too upset, this is your global search keywords a dozen people, and what role


first to talk about the choice of key words of some notable places, this is the correct choice of the basic work of the key words.

can according to their site’s statistical data analysis, statistical data which contains a search engine keyword Lailu antecedents, analysis and other functions is very detailed, we want to do is to carefully study, according to recent weeks or data in recent months to decide what they should do keywords! Of course can also go to Baidu and Google to see the billboard and the hot list, see which keywords are popular, and ultimately determine what keywords to do yourself, then your site specific optimization of Meta tags and page content. read more

How to run a local job site

this year’s employment market pressure is quite large, let three job a dish with higher bo. However, in the local market, we must be able to beat the top three job seekers network, a mountain king. Xiao Shenyang borrowed a word: why? I for the three major advantages and disadvantages of the job portal is as follows.


1: a long history, a brand effect, strong credibility, high integrity.

2: rich in human resources, can provide talents throughout the country.

3: registered companies are rich in resources, job seekers can find all kinds of companies throughout the country. read more

Small talk about local Forum promotion

local forum to promote simple, divided into online and offline two categories. Online means a lot, the line complex patterns.

I will take my last month to take the promotion method to talk about, mainly to talk about not feasible.

said the effect is not good:

QQ group promotion: search the relevant local QQ group and joined, want to mingle with the group of friends, friends come to the forum. But you have to know, these QQ group of friends are mostly based on a forum as a stronghold, and then gathered together, it is difficult to let people into the new environment. You can also think of, there are a few people will use QQ search service on the group, in addition to the webmaster. Of course, communication ability and communication time that people with relevant, as far as I am concerned, I don’t have too much time in the group to communicate with people, and then pull over. read more

Optimization of SEO mobile phone to station

enterprise station as the optimization objective is to product marketing, and now I can not hesitate to say Dennis SEO optimization PC end is the bottleneck, the flood has not used optimization techniques allowing companies to obtain more profits.

in the domestic Baidu search is the boss, a lot of enterprises are the most important business orders through Baidu promotion, but the cost is not the author Dennis say, is very high. For small and medium enterprises, the cost is high, it will not be transferred to this. As the same as the search engine for the goal of SEO is more choice of small and medium enterprises, but on the current SEO optimization environment, to do a good job of PC end site optimization is difficult to imagine. read more

Marketing artifact QQ ignored the latest developments in dry cargo sharing

now when it comes to network promotion, PC (computer) terminal SEO, SEM, EDM, etc., glossary of terms (mobile phone) a superb collection of beautiful things, the mobile terminal WeChat, all kinds of exclusive APP and so on, the more fresh, more people are curious, so they have more fire, but every technology or promotion channels are to see the coverage, and for the people, if no matter what the industry, all inside a word, irrelevant, the result can only be eliminated.

is an Internet application, because it is too common, too ordinary normal people have the habit of dependence, generally ignored, this is the boat I want to share QQ promotion. read more

Biography ndia electricity supplier giant Snapdeal financing 500 million Ali voted

according to foreign media reports, according to sources, the India electricity giant Snapdeal to obtain new financing of about $500 million, investors including the Alibaba Snapdeal group, the largest shareholder Softbank and Foxconn.

Snapdeal valuation details and equity ratio obtained by new investors is unknown. However, Snapdeal spokesman denied the progress, saying it was just speculation.

is reported that Alibaba and Foxconn have been negotiating with Snapdeal for a long time on the issue of investment Snapdeal, they want to take advantage of the rapid growth of the consumer economy in India. read more

My company was acquired to all the entangled state entrepreneurs

started the business in October 2014, and the original capital surplus to Zhi people network co-founder Li Jia million yuan angel investment. At the end of April this year was acquired this year and a half James what kind of experience, may wish to listen to him.

Founder/VC column thirty-fourth, the author of this article: Wang Liang

, who was responsible for the market, tonight hotel special offer operations, in October 14 a group of social entrepreneurs do App "get together", and the original surplus capital Zhi people network co-founder Li Jia million yuan angel. The acquisition of the end of April this year is "friend impression", this year and a half James what kind of experience, may wish to listen to him. read more

Common Forum promotion service website

, in a forum to promote service website commonly promote your forum in two, commonly used search engine registration this site implementation (in the case of Baidu): enter the Baidu home page (, click the "log", after entering the page, enter the forum site, fill in the corresponding verification code can be. This may be Baidu search engine included. It is worth noting that such promotion is free for individual users!! To achieve the most economic promotion way) as other search engines, such as 3721, YAHOO search engine, Sina search engine, search engine Sohu, YAHOO (, Sogou ( and so on, may not the same, or some search engines for other ways. I believe everyone’s creativity and practical ability is very strong, and encourage you to actively promote the exchange of experience, and actively participate in the promotion of the forum. Three, to each big website chat room promotion forum hot topic you speak such as NetEase, Sina, Tom and other portals of the chat room, if you can not post web site, please. Disconnect them, someone will see your posts. Four, access to a large amount of popular forum post pull popularity for example: ( PCPOP ( in a complete mess ( creepy leisure Forum ( in major colleges and universities on the altar. These places, popular, and the above people, like the forum. In these places to do their own signature, in the post, or reply to the post, appropriate to bring their own forum of small links, small ads. This will give you a lot of popularity forum. Attachment: the most popular online forum on the coolest 50 ranking read more

Marketing is not a panacea five sins of the pain of marketing

today is an era of marketing, some companies in the eyes of the Buddha has become an important marketing enterprises rely on to survive, to create awareness, to spend the least money out of the most resounding slogan, a marketing seems to be the only way which must be passed. But is this really the case, because of their own experience in the work of small and medium enterprises, those who know what the boss. Look around how many enterprises wishful thinking, in the end it is called a marketing pit. In fact, seemingly omnipotent marketing is not suitable for everyone, every enterprise. Come home shorn cases often occur, especially as small and medium-sized enterprises can casually put the enterprise development in the future to marketing, because marketing is a science, not a kaleidoscope, you see people doing very successful, on oneself may not do it as an enterprise must in mind, marketing with a bit. read more

Do not be pinned down by SEO the world of nternet marketing is very exciting

once upon a time, SEO has become a vast number of webmaster keen network marketing, all kinds of SEO training springing up, there are a lot of people have a big fishing. No matter what, before Google out of China, against Google’s SEO, there are still many doorways, but relatively standardized, change cycle is relatively small, it should be said that when Google SEO still have a good chance, the optimization results are predictable, although a lot of people on the SEO is still in the early. Stage. read more

U88 Wang Gang VS 28 Wei Fan

in recent months, "2828, Kaka is" advertising broadcasted in CCTV prime time cycle, saw the advertisement picture: Wei Fan is wearing a suit, a name called the 28 slogan, let people can create new business opportunities in the financial tsunami environment.

I do as a personal webmaster, for the high cost of advertising the first reaction is – 28 business network strength can not be blocked. In fact, such as 28 sites, in the CCTV is not the first time, in the early years of the Wang Gang endorsement of the U88 spread in the crowd, but only the way the publicity did not penetrate the hearts of the 28. read more

A rookie is how 0 yuan to achieve the conversion rate of 1700

took over in early May this year WeChat public platform, micro-blog before operation, the public platform can be regarded as utterly ignorant of thought, similar to micro-blog, everyone is micro bent. The results took a was found to be quite different, the biggest difference is that WeChat can only send a day. Share my experience and experience in operating WeChat public platform.


to do the operation is the most enjoyable early, no data, no flow,

I do is a hiking trip with WeChat public platforms, so the audience is not great, and for the Ningbo area, because it is a platform for individuals without certification, also did not put a penny on the promotion of read more

SAC Tmall Suning Electric Double eleven is still selling

"double eleven" this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce interviewed 10 well-known third party network trading platform, and fully affirmed the network trading platform to a positive role in promoting the development of the network economy, also points out some serious problems of illegal operation, to remind the platform owner to fulfill legal obligations of self-examination, correction, express regulation the Department will take follow-up measures. Subsequently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce department supervisor the implementation of the corresponding sampling action against Tmall, Jingdong, mall, shop No. 1, Amazon,,, and’s Lasafo, commissioned third party inspection agency conducted a sampling of the B2C class business platform on November 11th sales of goods. read more

Hebei Zhang Nan Shop agent supply businesses need to be strong itself will be eliminated

shop sales model is divided into two kinds of small wholesale, and then store retail or physical sales, and the other is not selling goods online consignment not sell a piece of goods wholesale. The source of the problem is that the business is the headache of the shop agent less and less sales promotion is not up to face the problem, then how to solve these problems. The following analysis can be used to make up for mistakes.

first, the overall effect of the site layout

from Taobao can be seen shopping are visual shopping, perhaps many sources of business think this point is not very important, but now look everywhere in the article source flying skills, this problem was included in the visible and important. A website also represents the image of a supply of goods manufacturers, so the problem is the first to solve the problem, with a good image will have a good brand benefits. read more

Business wind blowing second hand idle fish around their traditional electricity supplier PK odds ge

TechWeb July 1st report text / Zhou Xiaobai

nearly a month, the use of idle trading platform constantly sounding. For a time, we feel the electricity supplier seems to have entered the second-hand trading.

May 30th, the mobile phone digital recovery platform treasure recovery announced nearly 100 million yuan A round of financing, mainly for the development team, polishing products and expand business scope in three areas.

June 7th, Jiuai announced 30 million yuan Angel round of financing to get LETV collar vote. This round of financing is mainly used for product iterative development and brand promotion, Jiuai founder Guo Peng said, hoping to become the music as eco eighth. read more