National buy site closed 2859 cumulative mortality rate of up to 48%

[introduction] data show that as of the end of June 2012, the group purchase website cumulative birth up to 6069 of the total number, total shut down 2859, the mortality rate of 48%, operating in 3210, has dropped to about 3200 by the end of 2010.


technology news (Le Tian) August 14th news, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center report released today pointed out that the first half of 2012, the number of China group purchase website steadily from 3909, reduced the "operation at the beginning of the group purchase by the end of June net decrease of 3210, while the number of employees and average salary of group purchase is also reduced. This phenomenon is the inevitable development of the industry. read more

The threshold is very high classification information website

thousands of large space

in all sites, classification information is more promising, because it touches every part of the lives of ordinary people, such a large industry I am very optimistic about. Many people say that the classified information is the risk investment bubble, do not want to vote, but they do not see the utility of the people; some people say that it has no economic value, in fact, our flow from the end of last year on over 4 times. According to the speed of development, classification of information is likely to make a large class of tens of millions of websites. read more

How to make the network copy one or two daughters

network is the most soft copy writers skill test. One or two daughters, let consumers imperceptibly feel your charm and attraction, and have no doubt. Liu Yuhan engaged in network marketing for many years, from the following aspects to tell you how to write a good copy to attract consumers


do you know your lover? Now take the product as his

love your product, the degree of understanding of it, like your lover, there is no one can tolerate to hide. To understand the background of its life, that is, its industry. Love me, only deep love, deep feelings to write letters, to worship, love it, full expression. read more

Do promotion have to say that thing micro blog marketing

There are many ways to promote

, but with the rise of micro-blog, a new way to promote people’s eyes. There are a lot of people before the blog to write, but compared with the blog, micro-blog is clearly easier to operate, time is shorter, but also faster. As a personal essay, a word or two can record and share. Today’s article revolves around micro-blog marketing.

first, micro-blog features: micro-blog micro blog, is a timely update of information and publish blog form, it has a three-dimensional, high-speed, convenient and extensive features, micro-blog marketing can make use of text, pictures, video and other forms of release and spread to every corner of the audience, often many micro-blog the Internet can arrive in a short time after the news release, at the same time compared with the traditional industries, without cumbersome approval procedures, greatly saving time and cost. read more

Social marketing 16 strokes full resolution let you use actual promotion

Abstract: 16 strokes of social marketing, let you understand and use the actual promotion, creative design work carried out in the crowd to grasp the different behavior characteristics of different communities and the communication of product brand, improve customer loyalty, brand promotion and sales promotion.

From the net red look at community marketing the three essential elements

dual eleven "Red Net" stores, according to statistics, more than one thousand, "red dress shop network" together, Taobao sales in the top ten accounted for 70%, with the media rumors of Wang Sicong "girlfriend" net red Sydney shop as an example, its annual sales of more than billion yuan, in the Internet business the marketing community today, success is not accidental

red net!

"Red Net" is how to form? On the Internet, most of the red net from the grassroots beauty, but also from the network game play, radio host and other network model industry, they generally young, high value, color is good, have a natural attraction "temperament", it is reported that a "Red Net" read more

A brief discussion on double Taobao

the past few days, in some forums always see "double Taobao guest" the word, the beginning is not take it seriously, which businesses in order to attract guest to promote his product planning and gimmicks, but for several sites to see, for "what is a pair of Taobao customers confused because Taobao did not see the league have been introduced. Today, a special understanding of the special to share with you.

what is a two-way Taobao customers? Baidu encyclopedia explanation: double Taobao guest is the rise in the March 2012 new Taobao passenger double money mode, both as an ordinary passenger as Taobao promotion of goods for the Commission, can also be obtained through the promotion of a certain commission agent. Any two people to join Taobao customers will become the project agents, agents will have become a rebate mall. The entire site to build a key generation, the platform for life upgrades, agents enjoy life after sale, more projects later. read more

Guo Degang behind the tear is a product manager public relations tutorial

Guo Degang Cao Yunjin, the couple had recently have mentoring themselves and each other long accumulated grievances broke out, as if one does not kill each other and refused to give up the posture.

so I eat melon masses of onlookers, after all the hot part of the past, Zhengchou no talk at leisure.

this one, support for Cao Yunjin’s people in some people, there is no lack of support of the old Guo behind the old Guo in the end of the wire, a good time.

here, do not you read entertainment about this matter who is right and who is wrong, because we are not in the circle of people, do not know exactly how the inside story. But read entertainment Jun feel, in this big talk about the Internet economy era, it seems to learn something from this experience. read more

Variable nternet marketing thinking the reason for doing so is because it is not good SEO

although most people have a certain understanding of SEO, the online tutorials are also very much, but do well is not much, this situation often appear in the enterprise, ranking no effect, or do not rank order, as an optimization personnel, of course we not only do rankings optimization, but also grasp the ever-changing Internet marketing thinking, the CEN Huiyu to explain in detail, the importance of Internet marketing thinking in the end.

what is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing, personal understanding is to achieve cooperation through Internet marketing methods, but a lot of people in SEO promotion do, often think a website is done, you can profit, but this is not the truth, the Internet with variety with user selectable, good products, how to cattle, the user is difficult through a website full trust, so you want to get the Internet marketing, the first step is to address the needs of users and trust issues, rather than product promotion. read more

PR didn’t die Google employees to clarify the PR value inquiry instruction change

recent internet crazy pass Google in October 6th officially canceled the PR value of the news, after the preliminary confirmation is misinformation. By Google employees to clarify the PR value has not disappeared, and in the past there.

According to the October 6th

news, Google PR value can not be normal query and display, resulting in disappearance of the illusion of PR. Speculation may be related to the franchise license expires, or Google will officially cancel PageRank. But then Google employee John Mueller clarification on Google+, Google did not cancel the PR value, just change the query instruction, resulting in third party tools cannot query or display the PR value of the site. So far, Google toolbar can normally display the PR value. read more

Network promotion email promotion

e-mail marketing is one of the oldest Internet marketing practices, it can be said that e-mail marketing than most of the web site promotion and network marketing practices are old. In contrast, search engine optimization is the younger generation.

licensed email marketing

email marketing here is by no means spam, and spam has nothing to do with it.

I introduce and recommend is the so-called license e-mail marketing, that is, the recipient asked you to send e-mail to him.

this license is usually the user on your site name and e-mail address. This data will automatically go into your email list, and then the program will automatically send a letter of welcome, but also can automatically send a series of regular e-mail. If you send a useful article to the email list every month, the mailing list becomes an electronic magazine. read more

On the free customers should be a little more ruthless

software charges are shameful

Internet after decades of development, has become more and more mature. And now a trend is becoming more and more obvious, Internet services slowly from a free market, evolved into a free and free market.

a few days ago, 360 cloud disk exit the personal market, in fact, many people did not expect. Because from the beginning of 360 started the strategy is free, by free from a very mature market then blaze a trail to success. 360 cloud disk also claims from the beginning is always free, and then shot very generous, customer registration send TB class space, and later even to the infinite free space, remember this article analyzes that after the mobile hard disk will gradually disappear. Just a few years, is destined to be gone. Although the reason for shutting down is known as regulatory pressure, but in fact, can not be the main reason for profitability. read more

n those years we have experienced marketing

a lot of people perhaps for this two word marketing is still very strange, as everyone knows, most of us have experienced the baptism of today is mainly about the pony’s risk, is also the largest profit marketing, it is the event marketing.

: a classic



is a classic, because this product do event marketing can be described as a seamless heavenly robe 14:28 on May 12, 2008 04 seconds, Wenchuan earthquake, grief, and CCTV held a fundraiser at that time, Wang Laoji donated 1 hundred million business units, the first column list, then to the forum a "let Wang Laoji disappeared from the shelves of Chinese block it!", this is a blatant event marketing. read more

Baidu Post Bar promotion need to pay attention to what

Baidu to give their products to give a high weight, a lot of promotional staff are willing to use Baidu products to pull traffic. Along with the network popularization more and more fire, Baidu tried to hit advertising outside the chain, Baidu experience, Baidu know and Baidu encyclopedia and other related products are very difficult to cancel the link above, leave your links or product information.


Post Bar compared to other Baidu products are special, before Post Bar URL filtering is very strict, as long as the Post Bar release link is removed, but now Baidu has changed the rules, as long as you take the title is not advertising, content and readability, leave a link system in the end is not deleted. But you can not guarantee that the Lord does not delete posts. The best is to create a Post Bar, do you, behind the promotion of things will be relatively easy. read more

Read go9go friends to promote a sense of chain

in December 1, 2010, saw the Changqing write go9go promotion means lower half with before he wrote, to talk about some of their own views.

the first point: the establishment of personal blog, improve personal brand image. My university is a marketing professional, most often hear a word is: many people think that only to sell products to marketing, marketing is in fact, everyone must be professional, you go to work, is to sell yourself to the enterprise; find a girlfriend, is pushed to the other pin half… read more

The basic process of website promotion

1, the enemy: whether that industry will exist in competition, we should not treat them as enemies, should be to promote their success as a friend, because of the competition you will have progress, we should use him, to analysis, distribution analysis of internal pages of website design, hand program and some special directory, logo, keywords, analysis of the construction of their external links to the situation, to its strengths, improve themselves beyond their


2, optimize their own: I do have a lot of a station, in addition to some of the more frequent update website, I put the website keyword density are strictly according to the keyword density values between 2%-8%, some even I put the keyword density value increased to 17%, but stressed that some key words related to the content of the website. Or you’re finished! Keywords in the page in bold, pictures and ALT logo, the big picture I’ll put him into a lot of small pictures, this acceleration speed will be faster! read more

Do you know nternet Marketing t must see two mistakes

the first few years of this century, the Internet marketing to show its amazing charm, we see many small and medium enterprises through the network marketing successfully made the first pot of gold – through business product promotion on the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises from the "find customers" humble embarrassment, smoothly into the customer to send their own the door of the rich handsome". At that time, Internet marketing is one of the important reasons for the enterprise to create profit growth, for some of the "customer-oriented" enterprises, and even can be said to be the only reason. So we see in the following ten years, regardless of size, are keen on Internet marketing, not only have the "millet" such well-known brands of small businesses known to every family, have also joined the army of network marketing, network marketing read more

Social marketing logic behind Chu orange and other successful cases


I network operators in the world in recent years, vertical class electricity supplier such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain homogenization competition, also entered the white hot stage, the competition among electricity providers becomes more intense. So in the electricity supplier on this big cake on how to divide a soup, how to break out of the more and more enterprises began to focus on brand marketing, especially the use of social marketing tools to shape the brand.

text / Vivian Huang read more

What should be considered in content marketing

now more and more enterprises in the content of the marketing gain, but also more and more entrepreneurs in the context of the introduction of content marketing, yes, even if the entrepreneur is also careful. However, a good content marketing requires a lot of money and time investment, therefore, this is indeed worthy of consideration for SMEs

but, small and medium enterprises want to get rid of this small and medium, then you must bear the risk of progressive.

first, the capital budget read more

Yesterday was the Jingdong 16 years ago today Liu Qiangdong announced that the Jingdong will refres

Abstract: yesterday was the Jingdong 16 years ago will be video scraper, in the Jingdong in 2016, today Liu Qiangdong said the group Jingdong financial Jingdong group announced and Sequoia Capital Fund, harvest China investment and China Taiping cast led investors to complete capital increase agreement binding signed, financing 6 billion 650 million yuan.


] yesterday by the Jingdong titanium media 16 years ago will be video scraper, in Jingdong in 2016, today Liu Qiangdong said the group Jingdong financial Jingdong group announced the agreement and capital from Sequoia Capital Fund, harvest China investment and investment led investors Chinese Taiping has completed the signing of binding, financing 6 billion 650 million yuan, Beijing Jingdong Shangbo Guangyi Cci Capital Ltd as the Jingdong financial services sector holdings, for the financing of the target company. read more