Building food safety to ensure consumption harmony

In March 9th

2012, Xining City, Xining City, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Consumer Association, Beijing Hualian Department store, in the palace in Qinghai, Xining, Fang Department of textile department, Xining Hui Hakka Grand Street and West Street department stores, supermarkets and other green eight companies responsible person in the grand cross department store room, "build food safety" held seminar.   read more

Xining City Health Bureau the city of the inspectors do not say time uncertain

After the Xining municipal government held an emergency meeting of the creation of the city, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau held a rapid system of the city, the work of an emergency meeting on the next step of the work arrangements, re deployment. The meeting proposed that the game are units of a city and bureau of community contact point implementation of the work, or set the time, without greeting inspectors, to ensure that the "creative city" work carried out, to achieve tangible results. read more

Data inventory of the city people’s livelihood Protection highlights

In January 15th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, in 2014 the city people’s livelihood Protection highlights, including cash, low premiums in full and on time for the 30214 households living allowances issued heating assistance payments 14 million 20 thousand yuan, improve living standard etc.. One bright spot: cash low premiums in full and on time. In 2014 336 thousand and 700, 712 thousand and 500 urban residents issued low premium 184 million 103 thousand and 600 yuan, the city minimum living standard by 333 yuan per person per month to 353 yuan per person per month. Low paid 136 million 230 thousand yuan premium for 28 thousand households and 76 thousand rural residents, rural minimum living standard by 1985 yuan per person per year increased to 2105 yuan per person per year. Highlight two: Spring Festival issue price 40 million 310 thousand yuan subsidy for 165 thousand people in urban and rural areas, price subsidies paid 7 million 200 thousand yuan for the 165 thousand District, the city’s 30214 households living allowances paid 14 million 20 thousand yuan relief funds for heating. Highlight three: increase medical assistance. Cumulative 38228 people for medical assistance, medical assistance payments of $95 million 773 thousand and 400. Highlight four: raise support standards. Five objects scattered support standard from 5128 yuan in 2013 increased to 5930 yuan, centralized support standard from 6043 yuan in 2013 increased to 6803 yuan, issued a total of five guarantees gold 15 million 775 thousand yuan. Highlight five: for college students admitted to the University of education grants issued $760 thousand yuan 380. Highlight six: for urban and rural residents outside the scope of the difficulties of the masses to issue temporary relief fund of $13 million 557 thousand, per capita relief of $1524 8683.   read more

Two fair in our province won the prize of the ecological sports of the top 22

Reporters learned from the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, 2015 Chinese sports culture · Sports Tourism Expo (referred to as the "fair"), from October 11th to 13, held in China (Taiyuan) coal trading center. In the sports tourism boutique project promotion selection activities, the province received a total of 3 top ten, boutique, a total of 22 awards, second only to host Shanxi, the 25.

it is understood that the current sports Expo to promote the sports spirit, the construction of sports power "and" sports tourism service people’s livelihood as the theme. During the event, will show the development of sports culture and Sports Tourism Forum boutique project promotion, fitness and national traditional sports cultural performances, digital entertainment, sports carnival sports art exhibition of calligraphy, sports and philatelic collections auction, sports star signature interaction, the national fitness results.It is reported that

I province Tangfangudao sports tourism line, Mount Everest, jade mountain ski line to Yuhuan Qinghai Lake on foot bicycle self drive sports tourism line, Sanjiang natural reserve, recreational hiking routes through the Qaidam self driving passion hiking routes, hiking, bike routes in Beishan Huangshui River Corridor on foot, bicycle line cultural customs around Xining snow Carnival sports leisure line line 8 was selected as the national sports tourist routes.

2015 and China · sports culture; Sports Tourism Expo (referred to as the "two fair") held in Shanxi in Taiyuan, and to "ecological Qinghai, vitality of sports" as the theme of the Qinghai Pavilion, shine in the "two fair", the acclaimed.

in the "two fair" in Qinghai, Qinghai venue prominent important ecological status of the country, and the purpose of the development of Qinghai sports ecological sports and livelihood sports. At the same time, the Audi car is the only designated car race around the lake this year, the sponsor of the products are also on display, including derivatives around the race, is to promote Qinghai’s well-known event, as well as the lake race, race around the lake as the representative of the other five major international events. Can say push; read more

Dadukou Tian T SPACE founded the public record space

2016 Chongqing city innovation work ushered in a new journey, in order to create a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, innovation situation, Dadukou Tian T+SPACE multi-creation space was set up, and bring a new business platform for many entrepreneurs, support innovation and entrepreneurship to create the entire life cycle of ecological system.

3 16, I, another heavyweight municipal public record space, Dadukou District T+SPACE Tian An public record space officially opened, and declared the first batch of 9 operators and incubators officially put into operation. So far, the public space has more than 80 entrepreneurial teams and enterprises signed settled. read more

China nnovation and entrepreneurship competition of teachers and students of the real thing and ent

innovation and entrepreneurship in the fight to fight is the real brain storming, the wonderful scene to think about it can not be missed. Following along with the small series to experience, the great American innovation and entrepreneurship contest!

3 on Sept. 13, 2016 China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition in ShangHai Railway Station Caohejing COCO  SPACE. The contest sponsored by the Shandong University and the Qingdao Municipal People’s government, is also a part of Qingdao high tech Zone project for apple. read more

Central educational practice activities

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the district actively under the grass-roots level, down to earth, to visit people, find problems and solve problems, insist on learning while improving, while the investigation and reform, bianzhengbiangai, to ensure that educational practice is not empty "and" false "and" partial "changes the effectiveness and let the people truly feel the activity brought.

special rectification outstanding issues. First, the establishment of the four winds rectification ledger. Rectification of files and meetings, checking phenomenon; the improvement of re arrangement of light to implement the convergence report and supervise the implementation of the situation of insufficient work; improve the sense of the masses, waiting for the door "four winds" outstanding problems, rectification measures, clear responsibility and rectification rectification period. The two is to solve the problem of the masses strongly, leading cadres to carry out the positive wind Su Ji action, a comprehensive renovation of leading cadres to exceed the standard use of office space and other issues, to ensure that activities are not as a mere formality; carry out the various departments according to discipline in accordance with regulations, governance Yung lazy governance governance scattered, quality, speed and efficiency of action, rectification of injustice the problem of low efficiency and. Three is to carry out major activities deadline rectification activities. At the end of February began the total Zhai yuan of wages for migrant workers in March, straighten out the mechanism of the district administrative service center management system, is expected by the end of March Lantau Peak Gongbei to solve the problem of drinking water, the end of June to complete the total Zhaizhen regionalization. In Shen Zhai area demolition process, adhere to the inverted tasks and work method, fully support the reasonable demands of the masses, safeguard the interests of the masses, as of now, the demolition of private property area of 1 million 9 thousand and 500 square meters, the amount of compensation paid 1 billion 168 million yuan.   read more

Large scale cultivation of modern young farmers in our province

I am very much looking forward to this training, for us to learn advanced farming techniques, after learning can lead to more people……" From Xunhua Salar Autonomous County of Lu Feng said excitedly. In November 28th 2016, the modern young farmer training plan of the first training class in Qinghai province animal husbandry and veterinary Career Technical College classes, 50 modern young farmer from the province’s 13 counties, will focus on the first year for a period of 20 days of the occupation of agricultural and animal husbandry system control and occupation training. read more

List 1 proposal concerns what events

January 21st, the three meeting of the eleven session of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference grand opening, attracted hundreds of Chinese heavy reporters proposal was submitted NPC and CPPCC, including multiple copies of the proposal are hard work, and fervent about development in our province, which is called "proposition 1", then, the reporter’s eyes "proposition 1" are concerned about what the major Qinghai development? Please see the list after the selection of this paper, proposal 1".
[Topic] to build Qinghai Lake national Qinghai Lake scenic tourist area, make big upgrade again.
[] is the Qinghai Lake scenic advantage composite most ecological value, cultural value and economic value. In March 2009, the most beautiful tourist resort China contest, she won the "Chinese ten most beautiful lakes" first; in 2011 was named "the most popular tourist destination"; in 2012 was named the "30 place" at most to the "most beautiful China eight riding paradise"; 2014 named "best self driving tour destination". Survey results show that: in 2013 the domestic tourists to Xining tourism circle, the perception of the scenic spot, Qinghai Lake topped the list, its recognition reached 77.53%. The analysis of the domestic and foreign tourist market of Qinghai Lake scenic spot shows that: in the range of 1500 kilometers, the number of tourists has reached to 86.8%, and its attraction is far beyond national boundaries.
[] – positive factors to transportation infrastructure continue to improve in July 2006: the Qinghai Tibet railway to the people "tour of Qinghai" provides a convenient channel, the December 26, 2014 opening of the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Passenger Dedicated Line, Qinghai will introduce international vision. National development strategy is very favorable: Silk Road Economic Zone, the construction of the international train to Qinghai to provide a favorable open platform. The construction of ecological civilization has become an important pillar of Sanjiang source in Asia China special ecological status and current Qinghai to create a national ecological civilization pilot area of the macro background, the potential is irreplaceable in promoting local economic development in Qinghai in the development of tourism industry in the development of pillar industries, has an important guiding role to the optimization and adjustment regional industrial structure.
[proposals] to build Qinghai Lake international tourist area. To improve the development strategy: to "regional tourism" and "regional management" concept of global development strategy, the construction will eventually become in Qinghai Lake, the Qilian Mountains water varies, ethnic customs in one of the world heritage tourism destination that effort to build "the mainstream of the world scenery destination" and "Chinese landmark scenic destination" brand internationalization. Two. To establish a new management system and operating mechanism. This is the three series of multifunctional combination of tourism product development: the Qinghai Lake from a single pure sightseeing zone to sightseeing, meeting, leisure, sports and exploration, self driving comprehensive function of tourist area change. * four is to increase the protection of tourism resources: Qinghai Lake ecological protection planning efforts as soon as possible, the implementation of the "rescue first, protection, rational development, sustainable use"; read more

People medicine into the Huangzhong residents of the home service

this year, Huangzhong county health care reform work in accordance with the guidance, the center of gravity, strong basis, inclusive principle, focusing on the comprehensive reform of the county public hospital comprehensive reform of primary health key contact point, construction, grading treatment service system of the basic drug system and other key tasks, innovative ideas, broaden the scope of reform. Steadily promote the work.

further implement the classification treatment system, according to the first primary diagnosis, referral, acute and chronic treatment, upper and lower linkage requirements, improve the two-way referral procedures, optimizing the referral process, the referral rate of general hospitals, health centers and county hospitals were controlled at 65%, 60% and 20%; full implementation patients with first primary diagnosis system and the doctor in charge of signing system, carry out the public hospitals at the county level of the primary referral of patients to provide priority admissions, examination and hospital services, establish two-way referral priority service Easy Access. Improve the mechanism of the medical division of labor cooperation. To further consolidate and improve the county hospitals, two county hospitals, 3 hospital of traditional Chinese medicine health services Union, the implementation of core hospitals and township hospitals belong to business, personnel training, information, technical assistance, two-way referral, check the "six unified" management mechanism. The establishment of professional and technical personnel of the grassroots registration system, county health professional and technical personnel must be promoted to the intermediate title before the basic medical and health institutions of continuous or accumulated more than 1 years of service, professional and technical personnel at the county level medical institutions in the promotion, competition for jobs etc. first grassroots medical staff to provide services downward tilt. To promote the all-around doctor signing comprehensive services, establish clinical township hospitals, maternal and child health care, public health and other personnel of the general service team, signed with the key population area, providing medical services, public health and population for the signing of hierarchical referral services, family doctor and family focus groups signing rate reached more than 70%. The establishment of "grassroots people medicine" family health service model, this year the county’s 16 township hospitals (community health service centers) and 60% village clinics to carry out "people medicine" family service mode, 176 kinds of non essential drugs included in the "people of medicine", the masses needed medication, often cheap drugs directly to the people home. read more

gnoring the health and life of consumers in Xining banned 521 illegal merchants

  this year, in the Xining Health Supervision Department of the catering industry and food production units, medical units to carry out the inspection operation, a total of 521 households as "unruly", ignoring the health and safety of consumers was outlawed, and transferred 430 employees with infectious diseases.

it is understood that this year Xining city and district (county) two level health supervision departments to "food safety project" and "Food Safety Act" as the main line, in Xining City, small restaurants, food wholesale market, farmhouse and public places, illegal practice of medicine, School of health, occupation disease prevention and control to carry out special rectification. Dealt with a large number of illegal business units or households. Among them, the small beauty salon, a small bathroom and a small hotel as the focus, strong regulation of public health, transferred 106 employees with infectious diseases; to crack down on illegal medical practice activities, investigate the existence problem of unit 324, which banned 90 households; in the inspection on 137 the existence of occupation disease harm the factors in the enterprise, on the year of diagnosis of occupation disease and occupation contraindications 16 officers issued a notice of transfer, issued supervision submissions and ordered rectification 90 enterprises to carry out occupation health work ineffective. read more

Cold chain logistics projects in our province formally implemented

days ago, the central financial support for the development of cold chain logistics in our province 100 million yuan of special funds, the provincial finance allocated to the City State Bureau of Finance and business support in Qinghai Province, marking the cold chain logistics project officially started the implementation of central government.

it is reported that after the province actively seek, in June 2016, Qinghai was included in the national cold chain logistics demonstration of one of the 10 provinces and cities. To effectively organize the implementation of pilot projects, the province set up a leading group to develop the implementation plan. After all the declaration, organization of enterprises to foreign learning research, expert evaluation, project publicity and other procedures, to determine the province’s first implementation of a total of 33 projects, involving meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products and other characteristics of temperature control products. Funds to support the use of equity investment, after grants, loan discount, which accounted for 41% of the equity investment support amount, after subsidies accounted for 54%. read more

Qinghai flavor by the nternet attracted four passengers

The current Qinghai flavor in the sales of the most popular, when the number of wolfberry. The black Chinese wolfberry, wolfberry has become the main force characteristic industry in our province, and related to the production of light industry enterprises, also from the planting and processing of the original, on the production and marketing through-train intensive road.The sales line

by creating attractions sales entity store experience, Sanjiang snow line sales track, but also become an important channel to promote online sales. Last year, Sanjiang’s snow ten flagship products to Tmall,, Jingdong, a shop and other well-known electronic business platform, although the first day sales of only a few thousand yuan, but this situation will soon be broken.

"sales last year, but this year, the highest daily sales network can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan, but we did not think. Online sales of products are mainly exported to major cities in the south. So, the next step, we will increase investment, online and offline synchronization, to build a trusted brand of food products in Qinghai." Wu Xia said.

the other end, a few years old Qinghai youth beauty biological resources research and development company, is through a domestic well-known enterprises have become partners, sales of "Qinghai flavor" in reference to the platform, won applause.

"as of September, our platform to promote the brand has 98, a total of 1700 kinds of products." General manager Yu Xue said. The company is committed to creating a "basic concept of electronic commerce +", combining with the features of the Qinghai resources, characteristics of biotechnology, traceability construction, logistics system, financial system, e-commerce platform to build Qinghai province with food traceability of product quality and safety, security and efficiency.

"in October to enter the business season, sales growth of 40% over the same period last year." Yu Xue said. This, in addition to several other online and offline sales of food companies in the province to be confirmed.

"Internet plus" to "Qinghai taste" is not only the Qiaoxiao, is a practice of innovative ideas. Green beauty company online promotion "Qinghai flavor" at the same time, with the help of Qinghai agricultural and livestock products traceability platform, UK Intertek Testing and certification company, improve the food traceability system and product characteristics of Qinghai, the characteristics of product quality certification system, to establish a scientific basis for the great beauty of Qinghai, establish a unique brand image index of the plateau.

["data; read more

Xining more than 20 volunteers took to the streets to persuade people civilized travel

since April 1st, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment organized more than 20 civilized traffic duty of persuasion, respectively in West Street, five crossroads, Xinning Road, Qilian Road, bridge street and other vehicles and personnel are concentrated in road traffic, and actively carry out the duty of civilization persuasion activities.

civilized traffic obligations to help police officers on duty, to persuade pedestrians to cross the crosswalk line, through the intersection, the road to see the lights, not over the central fence, etc.. That the masses in the past to civilized travel, safe travel, consciously abandon traffic habits, and actively participate in the work of a city to do, on order, civilization and comity, to develop a good habit of obeying the traffic rules, and jointly create a good traffic environment, create a civilized city as the city’s solid. (author: Zhang Xingdi Liang Jun)
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The new West Community Employment Service Center was awarded the honorary title of national heroine

West District of Xining City West New Community Employment Service Center was founded four years ago, efforts to build a small lunch table, by the community of young parents. Match 8 Women’s Day on the eve of the new West Community Employment Service Center by the National Women’s Federation awarded the honorary title of national heroine civilized post.

new West Community Employment Service Center staff average age of 40 years old, and 80% laid-off workers. In 2005, the community learned because parents work busy, many children in the restaurant dining area, small stalls, so do the afternoon care. In order to let the children eat safely, the service center for a long time to buy high-quality rice, flour, oil, insist on buying fresh vegetables every day, to solve the worries of parents. read more

Xining heavy rule drunk driving

since August 15th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment in the "weaving", since two months to carry out a "severely punish drunk driving traffic violations", only 9 days, there were 26 people net". In the heavy regulation during August 27th 20, Huangzhong County occurred drunk driving a motorcycle without a license and killed a pedestrian accident escape, the 28 day at 18:30, North District of Xining city has occurred drunk driving Lianzhuang 4 traffic accidents…… Thus, it is not difficult to find, drunk driving and drunk driving is still one of the hidden dangers of traffic safety in Xining province and even in our province. read more

Prevention and control of air pollution in our city

as the capital city of Qinghai Province, the environmental air quality in our city will directly affect the stability of the city and the province’s economic and social development in recent years, our city has formulated the rules and regulations of air pollution control, atmospheric environmental quality has been significantly improved. In order to consolidate the results of pollution control, continuously improve the air quality in Xining city from March 1st formally implemented the "Xining Air Pollution Control Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), which also marks the prevention and control of air pollution in our city officially entered the legal. read more

Xining thousand police inventory of yellow gambling prostitution

recently, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau resolute attitude, continue to maintain a high pressure situation crackdown on pornography, gambling, prostitution, illegal crime, from February 15th to March 17th, in the city within the organization again to carry out a one month special action against regulation, quickly set off a new round of combat "yellow, gambling, prostitution, illegal and criminal activities climax. In order to ensure effective, Municipal Public Security Bureau was established by the deputy secretary in charge of the head of the special action leading group Juzhu relevant units responsible for human members, formulated and issued a "crack down on pornography, gambling, prostitution, illegal and criminal activities and further improvement of public places of entertainment law and order special action plan", from the clear target, a comprehensive inventory of remediation, strengthen the daily supervision, strengthen the case investigation, in close coordination and cooperation, the establishment of long-term mechanism of several aspects of the special action made careful arrangements. It is reported that since 2013, the Municipal Public Security Bureau will hit "yellow, gambling, prostitution, illegal crime as a normal focus, uninterrupted in the city within the organization to carry out a series of special operations combat", adhere to the open road, to promote management "policy, the industry places further standardization management behavior the social security environment effectively, purification," yellow, gambling and prostitution crimes rising by strong pressure. In the year 2013 throughout the campaign, the city’s public security organs at all levels have cracked the "yellow, gambling, prostitution, 17 criminal cases, arrested 32 suspects; 207 to investigate cases of public security, public security punishment of 1436 people, including police detained 596 people. The next step, the city’s public security organs at all levels will continue to follow the "outcrop, chuewujin" principle, adhere to the principle of the crackdown on wavering, "yellow, gambling, prostitution, illegal crime, case by case by case at the office, and missed a key area, not a place to fall, do not let a criminal personnel, profit and resolutely punished" yellow, gambling, prostitution, illegal crime, organizers, participants, and resolutely cut off the interest chain. In particular, the sub County Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau will quantify the impact of the work of the task to determine the person responsible for the list of tasks to complete the schedule to ensure that the special action tasks can be completed on schedule. Through the fight against work, vigorously purify the social environment, constantly;
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