Pat access WeChat payment Tencent social electricity supplier is still in the Pathfinder

each reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

in PC micro store shops and a key to open up after August 20th, the "daily economic news" reporter from the Jingdong’s internal pat Network that pat Network has on the PC side and mobile terminal simultaneously access the WeChat payment, payment will be the first to support WeChat store in the end of the month to reach 1000.

Tencent 2014 second quarter earnings report, WeChat monthly active users reached 438 million, the number of users to pay WeChat is also growing. Internet analyst Wang Liyang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, WeChat in the big background, when the gimmick out, have some help for investment, but much of WeChat’s influence in the end, will see the actual effect. read more

Traditional logistics market double eleven cross border electricity supplier was robbed or face res

Abstract: as a part of the exam every year, double eleven war kicks-off.the logistics. Everyone knows, want to win this battle, I am afraid that Jingdong, Ali as moving mouth is not enough. In order to "cut the hand" who buy goods served as soon as possible, the domestic logistics company in July has started early preparations for the low-key. The cross-border electricity supplier has become a dark horse in the domestic electricity sector.

"Get up at four or five in the morning, at the beginning of the beginning of sending pieces, received, has been busy until ten in the evening, the meal can not take care of a bite on the mouth of the read more

Transformation has become a trend not only traditional enterprises

Have a lot of

on corporate restructuring statement, but in 2014 the industry transformation will not focus is the traditional enterprise, in addition to science and technology such as Haier manufacturing industry has its most looks forward, the traditional manufacturing industry will continue to consume in complicated structure, it is difficult to be like the ceramic industry Eastroc from enterprises basically own leather life, as people from the media Fang Yu said, the traditional enterprise transformation is impossible. read more

An ordinary daily dinner to see the positive energy of e commerce

a few days ago with a few friends in the pedestrian street shopping, the results of the dinner time we did not go to Italy, the reason is very simple, that is not enough to buy their own things, want to continue to stroll. But everyone at the stomach began to be unhappy, so I picked up the mobile phone to open a group purchase APP, start looking around for us to have these chowhound places to eat, and was soon found in our next to the 3 floor there is a fast food restaurant. In APP we see a package of 3 people, and we were going to be the same as the 3, but I am more practical, it is recommended not to buy in the first set, go directly to the store again. The results got there when I was there not through consulting group purchase this link I now have here, if the consumer can enjoy the same preferential with the group purchase directly here, over there very good attitude that can. She said: "this is our only to promote our group purchase, but if you really come here and know that our group purchase information can also enjoy the same treatment, but not limited to that a package group purchase online, here no other special labeling products is also like this, since you have to, our aim will be to promote, earn less never mind we are in pursuit of a volume." read more

Zhongxiaoxie electricity supplier should implement mingshemingkou consumers to avoid impulse spendin

picture source: visual China

in new network on 12 December, according to the China Association website news, according to the "double 11" multi platform appliance business problems before the promotion, the first price promotion is false and misleading, put forward the following suggestions: Chinese Consumers Association of the relevant government departments should strengthen price regulation, regulate the price behavior; electric business platform to fulfill the obligations of monitoring platform, promotion activities, promote blatantly implement mingshemingkou; consumers need to avoid impulse spending, to enhance awareness of rights. read more

Babe network Zhang Lianglun on maternal electricity supplier is the key to economic evolution popul

‘s brother said: in July 18th, 2016 China mother at the end of the Shanghai summit a new channel, the chiefs from maternal industry in the field of the sharing and exchange, to discuss the future development path of maternal electricity supplier.

in July 18th by the mother and child industry to observe the evolution of the 2016 new Chinese mother and child channel summit in Shanghai successfully concluded. From the channel, brand and other areas of nearly 40 chiefs to interpret the channel change. Event participants more than 1500 people, the number of live online viewing over 20000 people, online and offline synchronization, the atmosphere is warm and extraordinary. read more

Net goods identify afunction or the impact on the electricity supplier

recently, a consumer in Dangdang to buy a piece of Casio, due to the problem of this Casio, consumers find CASIO warranty, after-sales and Dangdang customer service are fruitless. The former said online shopping does not belong to the scope of warranty, the warranty and return call.

frankly, excellence and Dangdang proprietary products and brands, mostly is guaranteed, very puzzling is that the third party merchants, although the mall would be "authentic guarantee" (such as excellence) words, but the quality of goods is the actual hand to take the letter. This is the case of the Beijing consumer Casio. read more

Explore and compare the five elements of the profitability of shopping sites

has been a comparison shopping sites are faced with weak profitability, low return on investment is a common problem. In the field of comparative shopping search spread so few words:

1, shopping search engines and e-business with

2, small commodities, digital, automotive, home, books, maternal and child supplies, etc. is a major shopping website profit industry;

3, big industry to do the brand, small industry to do content;

4, price comparison is the factor that should be paid attention to when shopping website. read more

To the optimization theory but not Wangzhuan Wangzhuan combat

The optimization is not a theory but not the theory to actual SEO Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

but now practical to think clearly a pseudo SEO show, there is a person by teasing, another person depends on a lot of SEO theory, many of my friends think this is a true war have a unique style, I hope my friends don’t the wrong way, must stick to my faith, the weekend with friends to eat when talking, in the end what SEO can do? As long as an answer in order to repay the money, seo=, is so simple, there are a lot of people say what to say the company carry out and so on, the ultimate goal is money, they are really these people say too written. read more

Twelve the electricity supplier who still quack

  double eleven of the electricity supplier in order to grab traffic, for users, have resorted to exhaust all the skills. Maybe everyone is weakened has not yet fully recovered after the baptism of the twelve double eleven, the electricity supplier arena relatively quiet a lot.

in addition to the release of a lottery blockbuster Taobao, other electricity providers who are very difficult to set off 12 double waves. Count of the giants, Taobao, Yi Xun,, Dangdang, Amazon, shop No. 1, Jingdong,, recently you see big action a few? Fortunately, pull out so little information from can chop, can prove that indeed the existence of twelve. read more

Beijing Evening News rice farming detailed financial management

disclosed exclusive domain investment tips

"rice farmers" status: from the poor to the maharajah

Chinese "rice farming" how much, so far there is no authoritative statistics. Reporters from China’s largest enterprise Internet application service provider China civilink ( learned that the site now has more than 1 million users, which covers for active users. Chinese civilink vice president Song Yingqiao told reporters that the company has to provide users with about 5000000 domain name registration services, they opened 400 free call hotline 24 hours will receive the user calls, every day there are thousands of incoming volume. Of course, most users still do nets of their website, not "rice farming". read more

Retail O2O the integration of online and offline plagiarism will die

traditional PK electronic business, the most sensational showdown – MA and Wang Jianlin gamble is 100 million yuan. The price of gambling bets is attractive, but the business model of the dispute behind the set people thinking. Now, clothing, food and shelter, without being active in the Internet, Internet thinking their negative that Internet is the best way to traditional enterprises to death. The Internet whenever and take sides, hoping to get internet service, watching the Internet can play its magic. read more

Red child in the first half of this year sales target of 3 billion stores at the beginning

January 20th afternoon news, executive vice president Li Bin today in a campaign in 2013 revealed that the red target will guarantee the realization of the 3 billion children. Red child COO Chen Shuang said that in the four quarter of 2012, the red child to achieve sales of $520 million, an increase of 3 in the fourth quarter of 30%, the number of red children in the fourth quarter grew nearly 1 million.

Li Bin said that since September last year, and red children have carried out comprehensive cooperation in the supply chain, logistics, warehousing and distribution, customer service and marketing service interaction. "In 2013, Suning red children team not only won’t appear on the number of casualties, but plans to expand to about 3000 people." read more

Mobile users next year reached 250 million far exceeding the average growth rate of the industry

mobile Internet in recent years, the rapid development of its focus has shifted from news, entertainment and other shallow applications to e-commerce, more and more traditional electricity supplier companies are also involved in the field of mobile e-commerce. Held in Shenzhen on the sixth Ereli annual summit meeting, the vice president of Taobao wireless network business Qiu Changheng said, Taobao will provide mobile shopping service for the whole network for the user, it is expected that the new feature will be launched in August. read more

Accelerate the pace of Urbanization rural electricity providers will usher in the golden age

Phoenix Technology News October 15th, Alibaba President Ma visited Jiangsu Xuzhou Sha town, understand the local rural Taobao project. Ma Yun said that the Internet did not eliminate employment, but create more job opportunities. Taobao, Jingdong, two business platform began to reach the rural market a few years ago, a city regional market demand has become increasingly saturated, on the other hand, the vast rural area has a huge market space, and the electricity supplier has not been involved in the rural areas. But the rural environment and the city is different, the electricity supplier to the countryside is still in the trial stage, but also the need for further improvement. read more

Amazon released 2013 online shopping trends report

"shuangshier" has just passed, after another round of battle of baptism, online shopping has become an indispensable part of more and more consumers in life. So, what kind of consumers in online shopping? Where are they from? What they care about? Love what products to buy? Combined with the analysis of consumer research and Amazon operation data, Amazon Chinese released the 2013 online shopping trends report. Analysis of the report, the diversification of online shopping for long-term trends, but the young men and women still accounted for the main body. At the same time, online shopping is no longer a big city consumers’ patents, this craze is being rushed to the two or three line city. read more

The real source of traditional retail pain Rise of consumer sovereignty

writer is chairman of eFuture Fuji RONGTONG by him in April this year, the United Business Network Marketing Conference in China Shenzhen summit speech compiled

I know that many of you have opened their own retail stores, do the clothing enterprises, electricity providers have done, what are you all of you fear? I got a data, last year, the major brands have announced the first half of 2012: Lining closed shop closed 1200 stores, PEAK before the three quarter closed 1067, China trends throughout the year to close 569 stores, XTEP has closed more than 200 stores, there are at least 96 degrees. Anta has not spared, in 2012, it’s a total of 8075 stores, compared with the young 2011 of the 590. Today, the 6 largest apparel industry companies,, XTEP, China and other stock movements reached a total of $3 billion 721 million. Will this continue to be staged, which means that consumers are starting to make major changes, with their hands and feet. read more

From the climax to the lonely group purchase website itself is the biggest cause of death

There are always some news

recent major news website, group purchase website advertising budget has certain, Moumou group purchase website layoffs, Moumou group purchase website reduce profits, group purchase site between winter to pull. It seems that one night, group purchase website has closed the crisis, that is to say, will face the "winter group purchase website". The development of more than a year of group purchase website so quickly from crazy to lonely, I think, and this group purchase website itself cannot do without the relationship: read more

Taobao in 2016 11 pairs of double the arrival of 12 Taobao to create a way to share baby boom access

explosion refers to the sale of goods in short supply, high sales of goods, is often said to sell a lot of high popularity of goods. However, the explosion for sellers, eat sources; many sellers, shop by to maintain a better life, and this shop by 1-2 explosion models exist, often see an explosion of monthly sales 5000+, monthly sales break 10000+ and so on, I think any accidental is inevitable result. For sellers, how to dig the explosion, is essential. Especially the double 11 approaching, how to grasp the double 11 Festival traffic bonus, make a fortune. read more

Wanda electricity supplier accused of quick business model is still fuzzy

Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Wanda is now ready to re adjust the plate: the first half of the work meeting in mid July Wanda Group, he said, several providers will jointly invest 5 billion yuan, the largest Chinese established Wanda electricity supplier brand, and strive to achieve profitability or at least 3 years to find the profit model, by 2020, Wanda electricity supplier will not real estate, cultural tourism, finance, retail Wanda together constitute the five major business segments.

Although this is not the first foray into read more